If booze labels told the truth (10 photos)

a realistic beer labels 0 If booze labels told the truth (10 photos)

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  • http://www.killingtime.com/Pegu/2009/04/23/if-alcoholic-beverage-labels-required-true-honesty/ If Alcoholic Beverage Labels Required True Honesty | The Pegu Blog

    […] would look like in a World of Brutal Honesty™. To the right, you can see my personal favorite. The rest can be found here, just be aware there is one that is pretty offensive, and one (the first) that reveals a fondness […]

  • robin yates

    drinker beware !

  • More Doctors Smoke Camels

    Should have had a couple paying out vodka. Seriously… anything that is clear but potent is evil.

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    […] booze labels told the truth. If beer and liquor labels told the truth | TheChive __________________ 240 BB 3mm Stroker 34mm Mikuni Flatside +3 timing VF3 […]

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