Worst English translations ever Part 6 (16 Photos)

worst translation vaca Worst English translations ever Part 6 (16 Photos)

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  • robin yates

    I wonder what our signs would be like when translated into another language ?

  • Equalizer


  • Anderson - Brazil

    I actually do Know the last sign (Residência Fuck). It is about 120km from where I live, although it is not an English Translation. There was a german family that settled in Brazil, and their surname was “Fuck”. Where they made their home, a village grew, and this village was called “Residência Fuck” (Fuck Residence), decades before the English word “Fuck” and its meaning became understood worldwide!

    The sign is still funny nonetheless. hehe


  • rain

    i am stolen

  • Anaition

    “Mang out after shit”: certainly will!

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