Look at this f@*#king hipster (22 photos)

a look at this hipster 20 Look at this f@*#king hipster (22 photos)

There is an entire site dedicated to the bashing of hipsters (finally), and you should definitely check it out HERE.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! One of those dudes was doing some blow…

  • Amanda

    Only one, Anonymous?

  • Carlos MV

    yeah, bunch of junkies

  • miaoww

    dude with the “here comes success” tee-shirt (and oy, what a bad call that was) looks like a young drew carey. Brrrr, the horror.

  • miaoww

    orrr, is it a dudette? :S :S

  • md1023

    hipsters are so fucking lame, its like straight dudes dressing gay, what the fuck

  • sam

    Haha the guy with the green headphones should’ve cleared his nose out before the picture. XD

  • Eamer

    Hipster fucking rock.

  • Anonymous

    that guy wasted a good amount of blow on those gnarly ass nose hairs.

  • Mare

    I could contribute SO many entries to this category due to my living on a college campus……

  • donuteyes

    these aren’t hipsters, these are wannabe hipsters that are trying way too fucking hard.

  • td

    “here comes success”

    …yeah, no.

  • wishful thinking

    Adolf, fire up the ovens please, we have a big job for you.

    • Santos

      Okay, that was fucked up.

  • simpson

    hipsters are a bunch of queers

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