I'm going to Austrailia just to laugh at their signs (16 Photos)

weird signs again1 I'm going to Austrailia just to laugh at their signs (16 Photos)

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  • jakbob

    Half those signs aren’t even in Australia. Retards

  • Brian

    Do you reffer to the first half or the second half?

  • LOL

    “Half those signs aren’t even in Australia.”

    Like it matters? They’re still funny! You don’t like them, don’t look. 😉

  • Kiwi

    Some signs are in New Zealand. New Zealand is not a part of Australia!!

    • DaddyD

      Actually, New Zealanders refer to that land mass as the “West Island.”

      • Davo

        New Zealanders or “kiwis” are sadly delusional

  • Aussie

    But isn't New Zealand the largest suburb in Sydney?

    • bret

      your fucking retarted

      • Kevrobmc

        That just went right over your head lol

    • Colonel Mustard

      No, that's Lebanon.

  • emmerindeed

    screw you aussie, come to nz and say that

    • http://www.facebook.com/scarletwolf Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      he wouldn't have to. There's more Kiwis in aus than NZ now days

  • miaoww

    tchah those are essential signs man…where would we be without “no pooping, no peeing from your knees” signs??

  • n

    2 signs are from estonia..

  • sdc

    the signs are so nice, ye putt m up there twice

  • Tibbles

    … Is the ‘Free Coffee for Driver’ really all that rare?

  • Anzac

    maybe want to check the spelling of “Austrailia” in the title ?
    your ignorance is embarrassing

  • chickfuzz

    Can’t we all just learn to get along?

  • Anonymous

    seriously? who cares where the pictures are from they’re funny. if you need to argue on the internet then you need to get out more.

  • abilities651

    greatest signs ever especially the skiing kangaroo

  • devilbob

    to a kiwi it matters if you confuse us with australia. it's like saying canada is part of the USA. also it's pretty obvious that the kiwi sign is from New Zealand as it's native to NZ and NZ only.

    • RandomAndrew

      Too many dicks on the dance floor.

  • Evilhomer

    i didnt even see what was so funny about most of them? never heard of a billby? dont know what free coffee is?

  • mike

    by the spelling of australia i imagine ur from amerika, right?

  • Lionhart

    How many fails can you have in 1 post!?!?

    The country is spelled AUSTRALIA.
    Half of those were from NEW ZEALAND a completely different country.
    The peeing/pooing one was from KOREA!
    The Alasti one was from ESTONIA near RUSSIA!
    Why did we need two copies of each photo?

    What a lame admin, at least TRY to put a little effort into your posts!

  • esoteric

    How the hell can the second photo be considered funny? Its indicating theres an extremely high risk of fire in the area. Maybe millions of dollars worth of property damage is a great joke in Australia?

    • josh

      we know the purpose of the sign its the fact on how poorly made and odd the sign looks. we have signs with the same duties in the U.S just not so ugly…
      and which continent is NZ in again i forgot…

      • Davo

        here in Australia, Josh, we cut the shit and get to business, we don’t have meetings over how pretty the sign should be.

    • Craig

      The fire sign is also from New Zealand, our fire conditions vary. Aussie is either fire or flood

  • Chevy

    shame!!!! do not confuse australia with new zealand, you will honestly start world war 3! lol. thats like saying canada and usa are the same thing. yikes. honestly, if ya dont know ya geography your better off not puttin it up there….

    i still dont see whats funny about a free coffee?? its called a driver reviver and stops people falling asleep at the wheel?

    this is an oddly crap post.

    and thats maori on the fire sign- nz has the extreme fire risk signs like that…..

  • Spex

    The newest version of the Fire Danger sign has a new danger level: Catastrophic, introduced after last year’s fatal infernos.


  • Rooota

    ” I’m going to ‘Austrailia’ just to laugh at their signs ”

    HAhahahahahaha that’s the greatest laugh I have had all day. John Don’t ever change.
    You follow your dream’s and go teach them Aussie/Kiwi/Estonian’s, how to make their sign’s as dumbarse as your research.

  • Milby

    Canada has SO been annexed by the USA. Or, we just call it America Junior or America's Hat.

    • RandomAndrew

      How about America's brain?

      Seems to be absent.

  • Kiwi

    Urgh, I guess it’s to be expected when most Americans think Europe is a country, Turkey is somewhere in the Southern United States and thats where they get thanks giving dinner from and that you can walk from Australia to Antarctica.

  • chloe

    as an aussie, im proud to say that this guy is a complete wanker.

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