So you got wasted Part 4 (20 Photos)

wasted ocean lead So you got wasted Part 4 (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chive peeps who sent in their photos. Keep the Wasted, Random, and WTF photos rolling in!
Chive On!
Leo and John

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  • Danilla

    Где то я это уже видел

  • John

    Danilla, I totally agree.

  • Saltikov

    Ацкей отжиг!!!

  • Equalizer

    Yes, I know Saltikov! They are all Ass H^&*!

  • LLD

    Wow, I guess I'm really lucky that I never had any "friends" like that, whenever I got drunk. Okay, biscuit powder and piling on the junk is one thing, but it takes a special kind of douchebag to actually mark your face with a sharpie when you're unconscious. they should work at nursing homes – what fun they would have there.

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