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The Sturgeon Face, that special half-moon frown (17 Photos)

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depressed funny lead The Sturgeon Face, that special half moon frown (17 Photos)

Thanks to NATASHA for sending some of these gems in.

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  • natasha

    bahahhahahh i love it🙂

  • Tina


  • Jarrah26

    HAHAHAHA wooo famous as😉
    its called nein facing by the way :G

  • xclusive02

    sturgeon face. love it.

  • Equalizer

    That guy been bitten in the ear must have probably hurt badly… HA-HA!!!

  • svipdag

    Reminds me of Beaker from the muppet show.

  • Hobs

    Alot of these pictures are not even of sturgeon faces!

  • evanligus

    It’s a picture taken from the australian movie “Black sheep”. The guy survived, you have to see the movie if you want to know more about him :pppp

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