Katrina looter gets shopped (30 photos)

a looter gets shopped 23 Katrina looter gets shopped (30 photos)

izmbs1 Katrina looter gets shopped (30 photos)

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  • digitsis

    These are pretty good. Especially like the crazy dancing looter. Can’t find him in the rabbit/gorilla cartoon though….

  • Alex.O_O


  • sfbuddy

    Racist Propoganda

  • Big D

    Racist bull**** posted by a dumb ***..die soon moron,the world doesn't need you.

    • Common sense

      How is this racist? It's a picture of a looter. If it was a white redneck looter would it be racist? No it wouldn't. Just because it happens to be an african american it is racist? Is your "D" for dumb ass?

  • My opinion.

    This is very racist and demeans iggers.

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