Daily Afternoon Randomness 5.8.09 (20 Photos)

random guy bear Daily Afternoon Randomness 5.8.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Matt

    The pic of the guy taking the gun from the cop, they're the College Humour guys! That's hillarious

    • brian

      funny but a really great way to get your ass kicked….and find that very gun pointed in your face.

  • Abbie

    picture 13.. is that dude fucking a fish?

    • CuriousGeorge

      Find a giant fish
      Fuck his brains out…. Like a boss.

  • Anonymous

    The pic of the girl eating the burger, am I supposed to be turned on, or disgusted?

    • CuriousGeorge

      You're supposed to be f*****g scared. That's what I am.

  • Dastan

    Hate on the car all you want. Call it a Miata with star on the front. Say it’s not a real sports car. But at the end of the day this car drops paietns.

  • Anonymous

    At least he’s not fishing a fuck.

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