Yer still doin it wrong (20 photos)

a youre doin it wrong 17 Yer still doin it wrong (20 photos)

  • Anonymous

    The picture of the cord hanging out of the car is an engine block heater. Nothing unusual or dumb. Some areas get so cold you need to plug your car in at night to keep the engine block warm or it will crack.

    • james karrasch

      or if its a deisel it just wont roll over

  • xclusive02

    how the F did that dude in the wheel chair get like that. I want video or something….

  • ranneys1

    the picture of the kids swimming in filth really makes me want to go take a dip….swimming in raw waste is the perfect way to get that youthful glow.

  • jajaj

    dude in the wheel chair is leo-pekka tähti… the fastest wheel chair dude in the world… try googling him for the vid.

  • Bill

    Third on the power cord, you can find this practiced in all northern states from Maine to Washington state and its most common in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Minnesota where the winter temps can get to -50F.

    Think real hard xlusive02, those guys get moving fast and if that front wheel suddenly turns to one side it would cause the chair to catapult like that. Normally the wheel is turned by way of a simple steering device so its possible the linkage broke on it, maybe if you put as much effort into thinking as you do into having a high post count you might have figured that out.

    The river pic is a common site in India, I believe that they are swimming in the Ganges river which its common for people to bathe in the river along side of cattle and its also a common practice in one town for the dead to be either dumped in the water or set on fire and dumped in the water. Regardless though India is loosing a fight with pollution and their river systems are becoming examples of what you see in that picture.

  • Waz

    Clitoral havoc…. lmfao

  • DUD

    DUDE! the last one is in Finland! i was just there two days ago!!!

  • Digitsis

    The block heater – I lived in Canada and you need one of these. Leave a car outside overnight and not plugged in – it will not start. Nothing dumb about those at all.

  • omnomnomnom

    ticket master is all about the clitoral havoc

  • DKing

    The wheelchair pic is photoshopped… extremely poorly too.

  • Equalizer

    his right, it’s common in cold countries like in canada.

  • VikingBob

    You can also plug in an electric blanket. Just bury the extension cord under the snow and, voila! warm as toast! Only works when you’re parked though. Which is OK during a blizzard.
    I used to try this outside the bar when I was too hammered to drive up in Minnesota. Skol!

  • Loli

    That is probably India, Slums most likely, really quite sad.

  • mark

    @Loli WTF !! You are a dirty slum dog Loli .. india is a gr8 and as much developed country as any nation around the globe..

    Mind your words … Just think twice and post comments.. do nt be a dumb idiot ..

  • Scott

    Hell, it’s common everywhere in the midwest.

  • Anonymous

    Hey at least if he’s hurt there is a wheelchair at hand.

  • Anonymous

    No it’s not…even those ‘Indians’ that grow up in other countries and go to visit their ‘motherland’ say it’s a shithole.

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