Beauty pageant…in a women's prison (14 Photos)

pageant prison lead Beauty a women's prison (14 Photos)

More photos here! and boingboing

  • Lando

    Um, holy shit

  • Digitsis

    Everyone needs to feel beautiful once in awhile but as Lando said ‘holy shit’.

  • top dog

    Some of these women look pretty good, a little ruff around the edges, but they still look good.

    • top dog

      ….And I would f–k them until their next parole board…..

  • bob

    they left out the picture of the runner up shacking the winner with a sharpen plastic fork.

  • Equalizer

    Well, you have to do something to waste time.

  • spanky

    It wasn’t a beauty pagent, it was an auction….”five smokes for #3!!”

  • robin yates

    this event was sponsored by ” Lesbians r Us “

  • latallal

    ‘These are a “crime” against fashion!’

    ‘Call the fashion “police”!’

    ‘Some of them have “killer” good looks!’

    And many more super lame puns that i’m surprised no one used…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Now back to your cells! (Myahahhahahahah!!!!)

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