• Equalizer

    How the hell did that dog ended up in the water?

  • Jonathan Passow

    HA! Fail! There’s only 1 picture showing!

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  • Bill

    Chives been having allot of ” I can count to potato ” moments lately with double posting of the same pic each day and now in the same thread in the previous random thread.

  • I was robbed!

    Leo, I could count to numbers significantly higher than 1 before I entered kindergarten.

  • PJ

    Did the dog save the man or did the man save the dog?

  • lol

    1 pic or 7 doesn’t matter I guess. Good thing we don’t pay you to do our accounting though Leo! Or is this the new math? LOL

    Here’s what strikes me…those metal bridges HURT LIKE A SON OF A BITCH on just feet. I can’t imagine putting my knees on them and then pulling things out of the water. Damn good job there woman (?) in the orange shirt. 😉

  • robin yates

    for Christs sake,,,,,, the woman is lifting a dog from a dangerous situation,,,,,,, not thinking about her effing knees !!!

  • linda2001

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  • Angelo

    Well, from the looks of this picture, (not pictures), it looks like the woman is testing to see if the doggie-sicle is ready to be eaten, and the man-sicle still needs a day to freeze….

  • Anonymous

    here’s a link to a story about the photo
    (happened in australia),21598,25939706-948,00.html

    there are more photos on the website.

  • Digitsis

    Went to the link. Good story with a happy ending. Yesterday I read a similar story with a not so happy ending … 9 year old boy was hit by a car and died after saving an injured duck.

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  • xclusive02

    um, ok.

  • Jaimie

    the wind blew the dog into the water, the guy jumped in to save it.

  • FURY

    1.) we don’t know if it was really dangerous or not
    2.) those waffle metal bridges do hurt to walk on barefoot
    3.) at least lol said good job and used the real cuss words not fake ones
    4.) maybe if both of you spent more time on your knees instead of bitching here your men would be much happier 😛

  • SreyaNotfilc

    As Janet (from the link) comments “lol u can see his dilz”.

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