The good samaritan (7 photos)

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a rescue dog river 6 The good samaritan (7 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    How the hell did that dog ended up in the water?

  • Jonathan Passow

    HA! Fail! There’s only 1 picture showing!

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  • Bill

    Chives been having allot of ” I can count to potato ” moments lately with double posting of the same pic each day and now in the same thread in the previous random thread.

  • I was robbed!

    Leo, I could count to numbers significantly higher than 1 before I entered kindergarten.

  • PJ

    Did the dog save the man or did the man save the dog?

  • lol

    1 pic or 7 doesn’t matter I guess. Good thing we don’t pay you to do our accounting though Leo! Or is this the new math? LOL

    Here’s what strikes me…those metal bridges HURT LIKE A SON OF A BITCH on just feet. I can’t imagine putting my knees on them and then pulling things out of the water. Damn good job there woman (?) in the orange shirt. ;)

  • robin yates

    for Christs sake,,,,,, the woman is lifting a dog from a dangerous situation,,,,,,, not thinking about her effing knees !!!

  • linda2001

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  • Angelo

    Well, from the looks of this picture, (not pictures), it looks like the woman is testing to see if the doggie-sicle is ready to be eaten, and the man-sicle still needs a day to freeze….

  • Anonymous

    here’s a link to a story about the photo
    (happened in australia),21598,25939706-948,00.html

    there are more photos on the website.

  • Digitsis

    Went to the link. Good story with a happy ending. Yesterday I read a similar story with a not so happy ending … 9 year old boy was hit by a car and died after saving an injured duck.

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  • xclusive02

    um, ok.

  • Jaimie

    the wind blew the dog into the water, the guy jumped in to save it.

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