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Hilarious signs for your viewing pleasure (20 Photos)

chive butt meat Hilarious signs for your viewing pleasure (20 Photos)

  • robin yates

    some really hilarious pics today, thanks

  • omnomnomnom

    turtle don’t give a fuck about your sign

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  • Lalaland

    You guys know that “Douche” in french means shower so any french shower gel will have douche on it

  • Equalizer

    “Fu King Chinese Restaurant!…” I laugh out loud that I fell from my chair!… Very Funny!…

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  • xclusive02

    ha ha it is true. Move to Wisconsin and you do enjoy Minnesota more. Enjoy picking on them for sucking at life. I hope you Fail Brett Favre. I HOPE YOU FAIL!!!

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  • xclusive02

    Poor Wisconsin…so delusional. MN!!!

  • Gordon

    I had someone stealing my pudding from my lunches at work, so replaced it one day with X-Lax. The theif
    shit their pants and went home sick. Never had that problem again.

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