If drinking n driving was an olympic event, this dumbass would get gold (10 photos)

a drink drive crash house 0 If drinking n driving was an olympic event, this dumbass would get gold (10 photos)

  • Zahur

    Reading these comments I realise what losers some of these “chivers” are.

    Hay guys! Stop worrying about the gays and fine yourselfs some girlfriends.

  • haha

    Look at the last pic, he’s gay – totally deserved to have his house smashed.

  • xclusive02

    @haha, Wow. Until I read your posting, I was going to write something serious.

    Hey Aaron, see what you get for being a dick lover.

  • Dickshit McFuckertwat

    That’s what you get for being gay you big fag. Stop loving the cocks and people might stop ramming your faggy house with cars.

  • Hasard

    the owner is just upset the driver didn’t come in his backdoor

  • Equalizer

    Carrying that dog like that explains everything already…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Zahur, I cannot think of how to respond. Not only are you a chiver *chiver=loser, apparently* but I have ‘fineded’ myself a girlfriend. She’s much hotter than yours. And no one ehre is insulting gays. you never know when those little fuckers will be on your ass. Hehe

  • Psara

    Is no one else trying to figure out how the car flew up and into the second story of the house only to end up with the back-side down?

  • robin yates

    how on earth can pics of a car accident become a gay diatribe ?

  • aaron

    o man xclusive i forgot to say congrats on 450 posts thats a big one for you, do they send you a prize for that, I bet they did! I bet john and leo sent you some cleverness and I would say balls but like everyone here knows it doesnt take balls to talk shit on the internet it just takes a sense of humor. Luckily I had both cleverness and a sense of humor before I get to 450. So hooray to you for getting those and using them now to entertain myself and the good chivers.
    ^ that look to long. but while im here.
    If I ever turn gay, I will rape you. And collect all the great insurance money from someone crashing into my house.

  • evanligus

    Aaron: (nothing personal exclusive02) be careful by rapping him…. you could become HIV positive ahaha

  • SreyaNotfilc

    …because he’s gay?

    How is a man’s sexual preference the requirement to have their private property destroyed by an idiot with no concern for people’s safety and livelyhood? Bigotry is lame.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    A ramp? No honestly, I stared at that picture for 2 min straight and just moved on. Couldn’t figure it out, so I just accepted it for what it is.

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