Dude, your nipples are bleeding. (12 photos)

a nipple chaffe bleed 7 Dude, your nipples are bleeding. (12 photos)

  • LOL

    This is disturbing. Why would mens nips (or a womans for that matter) do that? Painful to look at & I bet even more so to experience.

    I don’t like this gallery.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      It's from the constant rubbing caused by your shirt when you run. Not pleasant.

  • DGA

    That’s exactly why I don’t run.

  • Smeckler

    That? That’s why you don’t run? No, sure. Not all the cups cakes. No. Fear of bleeding nipples keeps you on the couch.

  • Karen

    I had no idea this was a regular occurrence! I run a 5K now and then and have never had a nipple-abrasion problem (if this is what this is). (Plus I’m female) WHAT IS GOING ON???

    • Anonymous

      its called friction or more simply there nipples were rubbing on their shirts

      • Anonymous

        their nipples are only bleeding because they’re running marathons and oother long distances
        i’ve seen females bleed also
        its just the distance

        • yup

          It's not just the distance, clothing is really important, women usually wear sport bras, so the bra may rub on the shirt but the nipple is safe. Tank goodness. I've seen some runners tape their nips.

  • tim

    i’ma let you finish,
    but ed helms in the Office had the best nipple bleedin’
    of all Time!

    • greg

      good episode

  • peaceman

    what in the fuck

  • Equalizer

    Another excuse to say that exercise is bad for your health…

  • lina

    omg this is real? i actually thought it was paint. how is it possible?

  • Favabean

    “I ran until my nipples bled.” Now that’s hardcore.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    also, learn to put bandaids on them if you’re running so they don’t chafe, amirite?

  • Ampatent

    Just another reason why you should always lubricate before every sporting event.

  • Absolute

    I’ve had this happen before, on half-marathons. It’s the abrasion of the shirt against nipples – don’t happen to girls if they’re wearing sports bras, since they have a layer to stop the shirt from rubbing. But as posted earlier, it’s not a problem if you wear proper anti-chaff (or body glide) over them.

    It’s just like wearing proper shoes…. always make sure you’ve got the right equipment and clothing!

  • TacSneakyFast

    exactly why I had to wear band-aids on my nip nips before my run in basic training

  • Cole

    Why don’t they just wear a navy/black shirt/singlet.

  • w3rw0lf

    Yeah, lets invent men-running-bras!
    Or they shall use panty liners! …Taping on their nipples.

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  • robin yates

    I guess only “macho men ” suffer from this problem ?

  • hahal


  • Greg

    it happends to me time to time if my shirt is not tight or lose enough… Actually it happened to me last sunday. Tell you what, i don’t even feel it when i run, but the pain is excruciating under the shower… Then the worst it can happen, is losing the band aid at work, and start to bleed again on a white shirt.

  • Buzz Killington

    i believe the technical terminology is nip rip

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  • Signe

    Is this real? Do they seriously run so much that their nipples start bleeding? I have never heard of that.

  • Anonymous

    thats creepy

  • Anonymous

    6th picture looks photoshopped

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