Your eyes are freakin' me out, man (15 Photos)

eyes mickey lead Your eyes are freakin' me out, man (15 Photos)

All images from the great oddee [dot] com

  • Jackie

    aww the sparkly ones are really pretty i want a pair of those.

  • Equalizer


  • Laura

    Yeah I love the ones in the second pic! I know the plain red ones are used for sports they help improve your vision especially in the sun. Lol the soccer ball ones are pretty awesome 😛

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    What, no crazy Naruto eyes?

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  • peaceman

    peoeple are fucked wierd contacts are gay no use for any of them

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  • top dog

    Cross eyed women should not wear freeky contacts, it just make them look worse. That bottom left photo, not pretty

  • Days

    Whats your favorite breakfast food and do you ever eat this for other meals/snacks?

  • Julie

    What was your childhood like?

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