20 restaurants to avoid at all costs

a funny restaurant names 0 20 restaurants to avoid at all costs

  • Equalizer

    “Fuk Mi” Seafood Restaurant is FUNNY!!

  • robert ball

    And to think I once laughed at Bob’s Big Boy! Y’know, over at the DMV they don’t allow licenses plates iike this. I think maybe some city clerks should start giving a closer look to those restaurant applications! These are the funniest I’ve seen, though. The best is a toss up between Vagina Tandoori and Crabby Dick’s.

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    I know where that Fuk mi is, if its the correct one its in ct or rhode island.

  • ststephen

    I’ve got a shirt from Hung Far Low…

  • Bill the welder

    I kid you not, in Windsor Ontario there is a restaurant called "Greek Boys Restaurant" and right below this it says "Parking in rear".

    • Khirdin

      We honor those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrcfiie and thank the Lord for those who returned. God bless them all. Thank you for your service.

  • robin yates


  • Norman

    Dirty Dick’s is a fascinating place and should by high on the itinerary of any visitor to London.Go and see why it is so called and learn who Dick was. Go to the lower floor if you can. An absolute must and a history lesson.

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  • peaceman

    hahaha bung hole i need TP for my bung hole

  • Molly

    omg this is so funny i live less than a mile from chewy balls. they are actually tapioca balls in smoothies and stuff. good but they closed down 😦

  • Lee

    Nice – but pictures of only 19, not 20 resturants to avoid…

  • 5318008

    Some of these are a bit of a stretch.

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Seriously, how can you beat “dip yer balls in our seamen sauce”?

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