• d00d


  • Equalizer

    Jennifer, He’s probably gay.

  • Lookunder

    and then she hit a tree

  • HellHathNoFury

    ‘In worse news, a man and a slut were found dead this evening in an apartment. Coroners state that the cause of death was suffocation with the man’s disembodied penis. Local authorities have tied this heinous murder to the ex-girlfriend, who was publicly humiliated when the man posted a fake marriage proposal on the highway, along with an eviction notice. He had recently started an affair with a $5 whore. More news at 11.’

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Maybe she deserved it. Haven’t we all been there?

  • s3xt0y

    lol thats pro.

  • boneman


  • boneman

    leave him, gal

  • boneman

    he ain’t worth the trouble of shooting

  • boneman

    unless he’s one of those two hunters with a bear

  • Ausraeli

    I LOVE AUSTRALIA !! Sydney really, the rest is a desert.

    BTW it’s a fake, we Australians at least have decency to dump someone by SMS, can’t believe someone thought that.

  • GabachoMike

    6 Days!?

    All his shit will be burnt, broken, bent, or ‘donated’ by then.

    give her the usual 24 hours. and be DONE with it.

  • dblock

    you guys suck . the order was most like . jennifer, im breakig up with u . u have 6 days to move out, just kididng, will you marry me

  • Hammie

    Clever guy.


  • florist

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  • Tonny

    a1mint on August 12, 2009 Hard to find tests that tests the CVT 4 cyl version.The 6 cyl aprlneptay is *quite* the pig on gas, and Mitsubishi is lying through their teeth with their pants on fire about fuel economy .

  • maumau

    @HellHathNoFury: that was funny. 🙂

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