Man rebuilds vintage Pan Am first class cabin in his garage (8 photos)

a pan am replica garage 0 Man rebuilds vintage Pan Am first class cabin in his garage (8 photos)
We’re quite certain this man will never join the mile-high club, nor the garage-level club.

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  • Doolu

    i couldnt have thought of a weirder thing to do with my time and money, even if i tried

  • Brandon

    Uhhh wut?

  • Joe K


  • Don

    He should have made a medieval dungeon, or something else interesting.

  • Fats-T

    Mile high club fetish? I’ll bet he has a closet full of sexy stewardess outfits in the other room.

  • aaron


  • Psara

    He did a good job of it, at least…

    And I could definitely think of weirder things to do with my time and money.

  • DaRiRi

    He gay?

  • Rebecca V

    I actually would love to see this! I have always wanted to re-experience the ride I took on flight just like this when I moved to the US after my parents got divorced. The experience I had on that flight shaped the outlook I had for my future as I stood crying saying goodbye to my father in the Pan Am gateway in South America and the flight stewardess tried to cheer me up by giving me a tour of the plane. It was a great day! I wish this guy luck continuing to make a childhood dream come true!

  • Don

    I think it is kind of cozy. Cabin Interior design uses principles of optical illusion throughout to give a sense of spaciousness. No wonder there is something special about being in an airplane cabin.

    • Sara

      True story GMB, a giant boondoggle in the end. Nothing like a pianyg for a 150 million plus jet, when our trade deficit is more than 16 trillion. We, (USA) need a lot of change in this country, and sadly I don’t think we’re going to get it. Apologise for the rant. Thanks for the site, and all our servicemen, and women.

  • curt

    #5 …..paid him off

  • Milby

    Or a strip club!

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