Let's get your Friday started with some massive douchebags (20 Photos, 1 vid)

douche bags suck Let's get your Friday started with some massive douchebags (20 Photos, 1 vid)

Thanks to Chiver, Jim Choney for sending in this video. These nozzles are from Canada, America’s attic.

  • hari people

    the more i look at that santa the more i see that’s a great douche in disguise. nice catch!

  • Roscoe

    4th pic – what’s the difference between those lovelies and the ones we see in the Sexy Chivers posts?

  • Booyaka

    I’m still waiting on that mini-douche gallery. Seriously I think some of the kids under 16 are the worst douchebags in the world.

  • krisb

    All douche bags are gay. They just haven’t come to the full realization.

  • Fats-T

    Yup, there are a lot of douche-wads up here in Canada, if you go to the Brunswick House in Toronto on any given night you are bound to spot more than a few. Honestly though, if you are under 25 and actually own a Rolls it kinda is your God given right to be a douche bag. Not that we’re gonna like you any more though.

  • ken

    Is that a HUGE chancre sore on that kid’s lip??? Looks like somebody has been blowing the wrong horn! Great self-portrait, sexy guy!

  • norton

    Ugh. The vid….. seriously.

    Modified blow out – check
    Roids – check
    Wife beater – check
    Spray on tan – check
    Overly sculpted brows – check
    Whitened teeth – check
    Pearl Necklace (fake) because you can’t walk around with spoo on you in public – check

  • Brandon

    Santa IS a total douche. I don’t get why the girls in 4 are douches either.

    I do like the chick on the right in 14 and the girl with the AK – douchettes or no douchettes.

  • moo

    4th pic, hotties

  • boneman

    well, dang!
    I guess I’m too old to figure it out.
    The video seemed like guys meeting gals (or guys or gals meeting gals) but all in all, just a bunch of folks having a good time AND
    to top it off, the kid went back and helped the guy begging.
    I thought it was COOL!

  • Eamer

    that video scared me. I think they were meaning to be talking to the women but it sure did look like they were talking to that kid….and The way they were all done up and the women looked a bit sluty/pedophile-ish..

  • Dia

    could it hurt the weed out the fashion divas, hipsters, emos, wannabe thugs cause those arent actual “douchbags”

  • a


  • sailor jim

    a douche bag is not defined as “someone who isnt me”


  • aaron

    we are in danger of over-using the term douchebag…..

    #4 looks like two average looking women and 4 huge tits..why is that douche-y?

    to me a douche is your classic abercrombie and fitch frat boy.

  • huangzhixian118

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  • Anon

    I cannot believe I just watched that whole video…

  • Anonymous

    cool rolls royce that parents paid for you fucken tool

  • Mastiff

    As a proud Canadian I was about to protest being called “America’s Attic”.

    After watching the video though, I humbly apologize for our existence. Please forgive us.

  • dumdum

    some of these are fucking hipsters, not douchebags.

    we need to use language correctly or we fall into anarchy.

  • threeb009

    Why would you think the chicks in the 4th picture are d-bags? Are you facking gay or something?

  • Anonymous

    ehh, that douche is sucking on his finger!!! thats the gayist shit I have ever seen. Besides the time I watched two dudes have sex. That was pretty gay too.

  • Spleenforsoul

    #9 looks gayer than gay…and I don't even know what that is!! It falls in a whole other dimension of gay. It looks like someones gonna get it in the rumpster cum dumpster anytime in that pic.

  • Adam

    Geek chick blowing an AK? HOT!

  • Eamer

    yet not all gays are douches.

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