When bad things happen to good people Part II (20 Photos)

bad things good When bad things happen to good people Part II (20 Photos)

  • some random guy

    the lady with the polar bear biting her ass totally deserved it

    • HillbillyNinja

      Yes, that was an example of bad things happening to really stupid people.

      • Johnny Come Lately

        I think I read she had mental problems and jumped in on purpose, in Europe somewhere…

  • HellHathNoFury

    That shark pic is the only time it's okay to pee in the water. Holy craps I wonder what happened to the people in the car behind the logging truck? and whywhywhwy are you taking pics instead of, say, STOPPING instead of following to take pics? Here, let me get my camera…

    • Guest

      Logging truck was from one of the Final Destination movies…

  • http://www.yousaytoo.com/big65mopar?8530 Bill The Welder

    The polar bear one was a woman with psychological issues and she ended up loosing her life because of it. She jumped the fence into the enclosure and the bears got a hold of her despite the best efforts of zoo staff to save her life.

    • UnlovedNecro

      32-year-old woman only identified as "Mandy K" jumped into the polar bear exhibit at the Berlin Zoo to commit suicide in 2009, but she didn't die. The zookeepers rescued her successfully and the zoo was later considering suing her.

  • ...

    okay, how do we know that these are good people?
    the monkey trainer…?

  • Icu_Nv_Dis_Dic

    Is that Lieutenant Dan in the Wheelchair?

    “Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs”

  • Anonymous

    bitch in the last picture deserved it and more

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    who says there good?

    • gloob

      yer mom

  • Pedro

    The log one is from Final Destination 2 if I’m not mistaken.
    Nice post once again.

  • ryan

    yeah it is i noticed that too, looks just like the scene from the movie. the shark shit gives me chills

  • ken

    I think (hope) some of those are shopped (broken bungee cord).

    I guess those who think that Polar bears make good companions probably don’t realize that they are one of two animals that naturally hunt humans as prey.

    My fave is the hot air balloon and Port-o’-let. I can hear the whispers at the funeral now:

    “how did he die?”

    “Well, while he was taking a crap he was hit by an hot air balloon.”

    “yeah right. But seriously, how did he die?”

    • Adam Rodime

      What was the second animal that hunts humans as prey?

    • Adam Rodime

      What was the second animal that hunts humans as prey?P

  • ken

    About twenty years ago two teenagers decided to take a midnight swim in the Polar Bear enclosure at the Central Park zoo in NYC. One of them may have made it out alive. I guess some people are so “citified” that their only concept of nature is TV commercials and Disney. I guess these bears didn’t get the memo from Disney.

  • Anonymous

    the last one deserved it. she jumped into the bears enclosure.

  • donuteyes

    nature’s fury FTW!

  • robin yates

    how does a mentally ill person deserve to die ?

  • ken

    There are certainly better ways to get attention than climbing in a cage with a polar bear, at least if you want to later enjoy the attention that you got. For instance, you can pretend to float your kid away in an inflatable flying saucer and cause a police panic and media frenzy. That is how we do it here in Colorado. And no one gets eaten, which is a nice perk!

  • lpzymd

    本来无一物,何处惹尘埃,失主请淡定 阿门!!

  • Equalizer

    Polar bear girl is funny

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • nick

    alot of these are fake.

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  • spenser

    just FYI, the fourth picture of the skier and the tree has nothing wrong with it. hes doing a tree tap. thats my friend jarrett, and it was about a year ago, pre-season. october 25, 2008 to be exact.

  • HarryBalszak

    Do the rescuers really expect that cable running through the rear window of the pickup to keep it from falling off the bridge? Running it through the side windows would do a better job.

  • Ellie

    The logging truck is from the movie Final Destination 2 fools.

  • David

    Polarbear lifeguards, coming to a zoo near you.

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