Blonds keep life interesting (25 photos)

a dumb blonds 12 Blonds keep life interesting (25 photos)

  • haha

    the sucking off of the mercedes was a real high point

  • HellHathNoFury

    I think I’ll go dye my hair now. I’m growing quite tired of the sophomoric jokes, but then women like this just confirm stereotypes.

    • psara

      Go red!

  • s3xt0y

    Liz Lemon!

  • rso

    Hey Chive

    If your recent fix-up of the site includes this automatic opening of image galleries instead of just a gallery cover image in my daily Chive email – please go back to the way it was. Not good at all for work.

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  • boneman

    oh, it’s not so bad…
    In fact, occasionally it’s tragic. Like the tow blonde gals that froze to death in a Colorado drive-in theater a few weeks back.
    Poor girls…
    They went to watch “Closed for the Winter”


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  • Hellia

    hey am an blonde and im not this dum.


    But seriously, lol.. The bleach hasn’t soaked through to my brain yet.

  • whywhy

    Why are there so many Blonde number plates from Gauteng… South Africa?

    • ...

      Because the white people in S. Africa are Dutch, tall, blond, dutch people… Every hear of Dutch/Belgian cocoa, diamonds, or apartheid? In the Netherlands there are no cocoa trees, diamond mines, or native black people to systematically segregate.

  • at work

    lol @ the USC cheerleader

  • mar


  • Roby718


  • johndory

    #3 "does my hair look alright?"

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