Douchebags everywhere (18 Photos)

db friday Douchebags everywhere (18 Photos)

  • liz

    it didnt know that being was also being a douchbag…. you learn something new everyday.

  • liz

    it didnt know being gay was also being a douchbag…. wOOPPPS

    • b1ad3

      you are disgusting…

  • me

    Love the Captain Planet set of ‘bags

  • Mark

    i think the guy in the 3rd pic up whacks it too much…

    • Anonymous

      It’s Synthol. It’s an oil you inject to inflate the muscles. So not only is he a douchebag, he’s a lazy douchebag.

  • J. Chop

    umm kissy face makes me hard

  • tacsneakyfast

    11th down… is that a bumpit?

  • krisb

    I love douchebags! The first pic is like a big gay bag of M&Ms!

  • Jim

    They are not Douches, they’re Homo pole smokers. Real men don’t go tanning or use hair care products beyond shampoo. These dudes are fairies who pack their fudge with tube steaks. Thank goodness these cock gobblers can’t reproduce!

  • Anonymous

    # 2 is just a fag.

    And what’s up with the same haircutt syndrome?….. You chicks really like that ferry looking shit? How unoriginal can you be?

  • Anonymous

    Did the guy in #16 photoshop his biceps? I mean it does not match up with any other part of his arm. Is that an implant…. that is just freaky….. I may not be able to sleep after seeing that! I’ll have nightmares of huge biceps on tiny arms hopping around trying to beat me

    • Bug Bait

      Damn I was thinking the same thing….weird looking to say the least.

    • Anon

      Left 4 Dead Tank syndrome.

  • Josh

    How can “guys” willingly dress themselves like this? The last time I dyed my hair and tried to spike it I was like 14 and didn’t know any better because I was in middle school. And what’s up with #7 it’s like a horrible carbon copy

  • Josh

    oh, and on #14 how many popped collars can you actually wear at one time before suffocating?

    • Spleenforsoul

      I think we should track him down and find out.

  • natekarr

    WTF… a sword?
    now those two in #5 don’t look anything like the other d-bags
    #6… wtf is up with his eyes? his friend looks normal.
    7th from the bottom… yall are hardcore, damn son is that gatorade?

  • Ken

    The winner of the Golden Pig, given to the fella with the most layers of polos (do I actually count SEVEN?).

    Affectation. Not pretty.

  • youdummy

    so here’s a picture of my nipple…what?

  • Mr. Irony

    How do these pictures get sent in? Do people take these pics thinking the people look good? Do these guys send in their pictures to The Chive hoping they will be put on, only to be disappointed when they are pointed out as douche bags? Can one of the douche bags chime in here and tell us what the fuck they were thinking?

    • Anonymous

      Ask Ken he’s a turtle neck wearing cat loving douche!

  • mahphuckinpumbaa


  • people's republic

    he’s holding a sword…

  • Ken

    Cats and turtlenecks??? OMG, what a DOUCHE!

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  • memo

    i don’t understand the meaning of douchebag, is it like some kind of egocentric gay person?

  • HellHathNoFury

    *converts to lesbianism*

  • Nath

    I just wanted to punch some of those douchebags in the nose……

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  • vespo

    Google Ricardo Fort, now that’s thde definition of DOUCHE!! He’s an argentinian millionaire btw…

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