Odd toilet paper roll art (8 photos)

a toilet paper art 3 Odd toilet paper roll art (8 photos)

I could not find the name of the artist behind these creations and I would like to give credit where credit is due -if you know who did this, please comment below so I can link to his/her site!! thanks!

  • Jordo

    Still would rather see HHNF instead of this!!!!!

  • blueberryvoodoo

    i’d think these were cooler were they cut from the inside of the tube rather than inserted

  • Anonymous

    oh wow i thought i was the only one who did this when i ran out of toilet paper while pooping

  • Crabbieguy

    While I would like to see more HHNF this is some really cool shit.

  • http://thomasallenonline.com Thomas Allen

    It’s very interesting, but look closely at a few of them (especially the second one down). The characters were obviously cut out first on an unrolled tube (or similar substrate), curled and inserted into the empty tube (see the overlap at the top. I want to see this person calculate the curve, cut the tube from the outside and then fold the pieces inward.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not joking. that is maybe the most uninteresting thing i have ever seen

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  • Teemu

    Hi! The artist's name is Anastassia Elias. You can find more of her artwork on her website: http://www.anastassia-elias.com/portfolio/.

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