Worst. Car. Ever. (8 photos)

a stupid car 3 Worst. Car. Ever. (8 photos)

  • Jordo


  • Anonymous

    i don’t know what you talking about that is the pimping-est pimp mobile in the history of both the pimp and the “-mobile”

    • Anonymous

      Mobile is a word. You don’t have to put quotation marks around it.

    • Citizen X

      Nothing says “I’m a drug dealer” quite like putting $80,000 into an $80.00 car!

  • sws4420

    I wouldn’t say it’s the ‘worst’ car ever. Nobody can deny that it’s at least interesting.

  • Alan

    Advise to future car customizers…. less is more.

  • Phil

    It’s just a prop car… basically a mobile add for whatever mod company did it. It may even be transported on truck beds instead of driven. I think this car is pretty cool, you could have a sick party with it… just plug in a DJ booth haha.

  • rudeboi

    i would rather take the effing bus!!!

  • Joe

    Why? just…Why?

  • BigfnMike

    That poor Bimmer…

    • Anonymous

      Seriously…why can’t they just ruin a Cavalier or a Civic like most idiots do?

  • gdctech

    Thats Pimptastic !!

    • fjoness

      Pimptastic….the perfect word for this car. Well defined my friend.

  • Anonymous

    not attractive or appealing has no class…too busy yuck

  • aaron

    Nasty…give me a fully stock 68 just about anything over that mess. Way to busy for me.

  • Crabbieguy

    That has to be Japan. I hope.

    • Anonymous


      • Scuba Steve


  • top dog

    That is insane. Only an idiot would do something like that.

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    I would totally drive that beast!

  • Anonymous


  • checkplease

    YO DAWN!!!!

  • onetwothree

    think of all the $3 tranny hookers youll impress with that

  • Carlos SLB

    ughhhhhh discusthing!!!

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