I know, you think they’re joking. That’s what makes ’em douchebags (20 Photos)

add turkey photo I know, you think theyre joking. Thats what makes em douchebags (20 Photos)

  • Jared

    you must be joking

  • Confusion say

    nope and that’s what makes em…

  • One Sick Puppy

    Gay haircut……check
    D bag sunglasses…..check
    Ed Hardy Tshirt…..check
    Stupid “i’m the shit” pose….check
    D bag girlfriend….check

    Yep…these are some major d bags!

    • goposaur

      don’t forget “shocker” gang sign

      • exexec

        Oh, it gets better — note the guy about 2/3 of the way down the page who gets the shocker sign “backwards” (has only 1 finger up and has 2 down). If you’re going to act faux badass, at least get the sign right…

    • Spleenforsoul

      Don't forget duckface….check…

  • Lars

    i like lamp

    • reallydifferent

      Yep that D-bag is lighting his cigarette with a Chinese Yuan. He’s lighting his cigarette with 14 cents.

  • ummm..?

    That hand on the guys mouth looks crazy in the third pic…. comes as if from nowhere.

  • douche mcallister

    That’s right, I wear 3 shirts.

  • Sarah

    Since when is Orange the new Tan?

  • BillyBlaze

    Where can I get one of these super cool Ed Hardy t’s? I know it might violate the UCMJ but I want to wear these instead of my dress blues

    • HellHathNoFunny

      You’re showing the classic symptoms of Douchebagitis. There is no cure. *gets shotgun and shovel*

      • Bobert

        *Grabs 6-pack of beer for after killin’ party.*

      • jeff in Australia

        Calling your local police…. And homeland security… They are for you…
        For them, the men in black..

        • jeff in Australia

          Ps… happy new year for tonight, here and tomorrow night where you are…

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    […] I know you think they’re joking, that’s what makes ‘em douchebags […]

  • Wills1215

    The most humerous thing here is that they all think they are either so cool, or so hot…

    I want to take a prybar, rip their skull open, reach in their skull cavity pull out their brains and smother them with the tiny mass…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      remember when you mother asked why you were 29 and single with no motivation to find a relationship with anyone but your household members?… this… this is why.

  • jozef

    yep, thats a pigeon

  • Mr. Irony

    Do these guys send in pictures of themselves in hopes of making a funny post, but then they just end up in the D-Bag section? They are all starting to look the same too. I have an easier time telling Asians apart. LOL. I kid, I kid.

  • Mr. Irony

    But no, for real, these D-Bags need to stop breathing…

  • HellHathNoFunny

    Dude is so right. Guidos ARE the devil! Haha, you know how hard italians roll in um….ontario, Canada *snerk*
    I hope I’m not the only one who gets a mental image of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast when i see these guys. Dumb, brawny, pretty, and oh so hateable. And then he gets pushed off a tall building. Yay!

    • markkens

      I’m so douched now I could make a porno.

  • Xac

    I am not entirely sure but I think Ed Hardy is actually like German for douchebag. Or was it French?

  • YesYes

    Girl in the red top, 2nd pic? Yeah. I’d fuck her in Hershey pipe.

    • B.E.R.

      Agreed – friend of a baguette or not.

  • ladyguitarstar

    3rd pic from the bottom: It helps if you take the tag off your girl shades before you take the pic. he must be in the changing room or something, cant afford the douche shades, but wants a pic in them. hah

  • haha

    Wow…am I ever glad to have never been, nor ever plan on going, to New Jersey.

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    All it takes is for one girl to sleep with one of these guys when they dress up like this. Ladies only you can prevent the continued spread of douchebags.

  • Shadow Sterks

    Dude in the 19th pic is giving off some much douchebagery and is a true player. That guy needs to get back down to earth and take off the price tag from is shades. Live a little man 20$ is easy to make.

  • ab

    The guy with the horns is a millonaire. He’s a combination of Paris Hilton (40%), Willy Wonka (10%, his dad made a fortune selling chocolate) and douchebag (150%) Look him up, his name is Ricardo Fort.

  • Skeeter

    I think I am going to be sick

  • Big Bob

    How to change a hot woman into a douchebagette – orange skin, that ridiculous puckered-lips pose, and letting one of these guys put their arm around you.

  • P-90

    Wow, you know something has gone wrong somewhere when you dress up as the embodiment of all evil and you still look camper than a big van.

  • RuMark27

    I am the one with the take it deep shirt.

    To answer your question to the dipshit who said, do people post pictures of themselves in hope of making the site? No. My friend from up at Rutgers called me laughing histerically becuase he often visits this site. He randomly clickd on this link and saw the picture of me and almost lost it.

    It’s actually my facebook default pic, so some pathetic loser searched facebook to find these pictures and post them.

    As for the glad I never went to jersey post… I live at the Jersey Shore. No not the fucking MTV show with guidos from NY coming to the jersey shore. Our towns are absolutely the furthest thing from what that sad excuse for a tv show portrays. It’s pathetic how the public could actually be entertained by that crap. Take it deep is actually a slogan that a bunch of surfers around here made up one night at a local bar, and it just happened to stick. I am a waiter at a restaurant down here, and one day when a customer was leaving by accident I said take it deep instead of take it easy. It just happened to be that a girl I was talking to at the time saw the shirt on the boardwalk, and thought it was hilarious and just had to get it for me.

    So say what you want, tell me I look like a fag, or take it deep or whatever you want, but when it comes down to it, you guys are the ones that are sitting on the internet commenting pictures. Get a life, take it deep, YEEEEWWWWWWWWW

    • uradouche

      yea. nice story. i still think ur a fag.
      maybe it’s cause of all the ‘just happened’s in ur story. maybe. maybe it’s cause you admitted to being from jersey shore. who knows.
      all i know is ur in this post. and you dont look any different

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