• Anita Lay


  • CmdrKat

    LONG LIVE RED NECKS!!!! If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t get some rather interesting ideas about how to “fix stuff”. This is hysterical!!!! Larry The Cable Guy would be in tears right about now…..

  • James

    talk is cheap people and jaluosie seems to rule your world .How sad for you !!!becarfull of what you are saying it’s only your jaluosie and your bad spirit that speaks Anyway Madonna is more spiritual than just a bodyi guess her body is 1% for her and the rest: the spiritual is 99%So i know she doesn’t care at all about her veines or anything else you are focused on Do you know how much she helps the world and people in africa and all around the world?Do you really think that she’s done enough and she should retire?will YOU do what she is actually doing for the world?Best wishes for you all !!!

  • Tommy

    Dude…Learn to spell " jealous " then add " ies "

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