Politicians are clown shoes. (42 photos)

a politicians funny 1 Politicians are clown shoes. (42 photos)

  • loomragwoodtwin

    hillary is so scary

  • Royale_with_Cheese

    Poor, short Sarkozy!

  • Brandon

    Something went awry in the Asian gene pool at some point in time…

    • B

      something went wrong in YOUR gene pool retard

  • BillyBlaze

    Looks like Clinton used the old peanut butter trick on Buddy

  • ozzie

    GW winking and cheney in the background. perfect caption “yep,we fucked the whole country”

    • gonzomania

      yep, and obama is fucking it up worse, sadly.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, all those socialist “we”s in the constitution, obama’s an asshole
        (you’re an idiot)

        • D

          Bush was a moron, but continuing to play the “Bush Card” in order to deflect attention from the asshole we have in the Whitehouse currently, is really getting old.

          • Huse

            WTH are you talking about? Showing a funny picture is playing the bush card? Christ you people never quit whining, do you?

            • Anonymous

              Huse: Figures you can’t understand a simple thing like you’re replying to a whiny baby complaining about an ex president. Hence “The Bush Card.” Now go back to playing XBox and jerking off to Obama.

  • top dog

    Photo shopped the hell out of a lot of em, didn’t you?

  • marty

    i think top dog is missing the point a bit

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love Pundit Kitchen! Sorry, Chive, it’s my lover on the side. You’ll always be my homepage.

  • Anonymous

    sarkozy, what a little douche

  • d train

    sarkozy, what a little douche

    • Anonymous

      He’s leader of one of the best countries on earth and he’s banging a supermodel. He wins at life.

      • Irwin109

        “He’s leader of one of the best countries on earth” dude, you must be thinking of a different country, the only good thing to come out of France is Daft Punk and baguettes. End.

  • Ken

    Funny ass pics.

    Partisanship…not so much.

  • drainbrain

    arnold one wins

    • P-90

      True, photobombed by the governator, sweet.

  • Anonymous

    what guy doesn’t scratch his nuts while talking on the phone

  • ramrod

    every guy scratches his nuts while taling on the phone, it’s only natural

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  • Slapface 3000

    You have to love other countries parliaments. They'll fight at a drop of a hat. It's better than boxing.

  • Woppa

    I would like to point out that the British royal family actually doesn't weild any political power. They're too busy trying to figure out how to kill another one of their extended family while making it look like an accident.

  • Joe pancake

    man, michelle obama is ugly as fuck

    • Zorro

      I agree, I chuckle every time i hear the media "report" how sexy and beautiful the first lady is.

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