Mail-order brides are mostly perfect but they have their off days (20 Photos)

mail order weirdlead Mail order brides are mostly perfect but they have their off days (20 Photos)

I’m sure our new friend Andrew will be infuriated by this new round of mail-order madness. Oh well. If you actually want to fantasy shop, click here.

  • Will

    somewhere Andrew’s head just exploded

  • Tina Slaydon

    She’s playing the keyboard wrong

  • Apexs

    i cant wait to read Andrew’s email about this one

    maybe he will contact the FCC or maybe the FBI —

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Andrew is currently notifying NCIS , CSI and SVU…

  • Sonnie

    hahahaha I love the chive, fuck andrew, I’m a woman and I’m not offended

  • Justin

    LOL, should of been titled “Attribute to Andrew”

    • douche`

      do you know what that word means? A tribute to Andrew would work better

      • pundit

        Justin: Grammar and Spelling are your friends, please dont shut them out of your life. Get to know them again…..

  • Joe

    Andrew wants a post of mail order grooms.

  • People of earth

    Just one last middle finger from the chive, the fucking internet cowboys

  • pheref

    I think I can see hair on the cat woman’s legs

  • HardCore Mike

    Trying to picture an ‘infuriated Andrew’… LMAO

  • Dave

    Andrew! Andrew! Andrew!

  • Andrew

    Im an incompetent fuck who shouldn’t be allow internet access. I should really learn to STFU, but I won’t. I will continue to stand up for “womens rights” but not actually stand up to any real right they have, all while getting nailed by my boyfriend from behind.

    Everyone’s favorite Douche,


  • Tom

    done for no other reason than to piss off some D-Bag named andrew…….I bet he’s got the BBB on the phone now

  • Xclusive02

    I like the little kid photobombing the last picture….or is the water mellon photobombing the pic?

    All these pictures look like horrible senior pictures done by glamour shots.

    • Shadow Sterks

      I dunno man pic 11 is one little hot cutie that I would order if I needed it. Love how she chokes the cat hahaha.

  • farcy free

    i added to cart but then i saw she had a kid

  • Ken

    ANYONE who says they don’t love the accordion is just lying. Who doesn’t love a good toe tapping polka?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Wierd Al FTW!!!

      • cavemanlawyer

        god i love you hhnf

  • HellHathNoFury

    Andrew needs a reality check, badly. Most women give up sex for free, or for a few bucks worth of drinks. If these women are making even a small percentage of what their representing agencies charge, then they’re making a hell of alot more than most women who work day in and day out at crappy jobs. sorry, but if they can make money giving out what most women give out for free, then I think they’re kindof pwning women who give it out for free.

    • HellHathNoFury

      ugh, that was probably my worstedly typdeded post evur. coffee+IV sounds good.

      • aaron

        most of them dont make any money, the agencies that handle the transactions get a finders fee from the bride to be and groom. The U.S. government also makes a few dollars from the sale, they tax these broads and the grooms are responsible for paying it. If your interested in the actual procedure its pretty messed up. Look it up, there are required meetings (visiting the brides homeland). George W. Bush made is more than entering a credit card number.

  • RandomDreamer

    Half of the pictures here are fine, they don’t seem like an “off day” to me.

  • Andrew

    I politely ask you to take down this post (I have never taken down a post, but I have been down on one). And please ask your users to be more respectful.

  • Markkens

    Andrew…where are you…?

    are you lost in

  • lando

    John destroyed that guy

  • jethro

    suck it andrew

  • Phil

    nurse and leopard are hot, and the one near the end that looks like karey fisher haha (in return of the jedi… not the first 2)

  • Georgie

    for some reason i want the one with the kid

    • hvatican

      Okay pedobear…

  • Laura

    #10 is my fav

  • YesYes

    I’d fuck any of them in their chocolate factory. Yes, even the ugly one, the fat one, and the worthless one with the kid. Hey, least we know we can cum inside her. Fuck her. She’s in Russia. What’s she gonna do? Leave her with another bastard and save the $1 on the condom. Score!

    • ladyguitarstar

      Every comment i read from yesyes is overly aggressive in its sexual nature, sexist, and a pitiful attempt at humour. your mother did a horrible job, wanker.

      • Shadow Sterks

        Nah it’s not that. The guy just needs some vage fast. All I can say is I petty the girl so much that would service him.

      • Hejira

        I totally agree, crass postings by yesyes, never been here before, just my initial opinion after reading the comments. Maybe yesyes was a result of some one actually acting out what he suggested in this posting.

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