Corpus Museum of Human body in Holland (14 photos)

a netherlands human body 2 Corpus Museum of Human body in Holland (14 photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    What a great, educational way to never ever be sexually attracted to anyone, ever again.

  • effemel

    Now that’s not entirely true, I mean have you seen the latest “Girls With Lower Back Problems” post? the 3rd pic down is alone enough to forget about the unpleasantness of human anatomy and focus on the finer things about it

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Kinda makes ya wonder what they did for bathrooms and elevators.

    • that guy

      …and exits.

  • Erik

    Vere ich da Vagina room?

  • Joey

    Tell me theres a vagina hallway, there’s gotta be a vagina hallway

  • papasmurf

    OK who wants to crawl up my nose and dig out this monster boogy ? I dont know how to spell …… bouger

    • Viking

      "booger". Your welcome. 😀

  • Andrew M.

    Wasn’t this in an episode of Rugrats: All Grown Up?

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