Police doin’ it wrong

  • IfYouSeeKay

    dirty smelly coppers

  • ChrisDG74

    I smell BACON!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ve heard of the blind leading the blind, but a pig leading a pig? Inconceivable!

    • hhnf is a bitch

      shut the fuck up bitch.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I’m so intimidated. You called me a bitch. Guess I’ll never go on the internet again, for fear of you not liking me.

        • Skeeter

          HHNF sounds like you picked up a unfriendly person who LIKES your blogs so much they want to be you. Not much in their little mind …………………….CANT even come up with their own blog name .

          • skeeter is a bitch

            skeeter shut the fuck up

    • Nipuna

      did u kno that pigs have a better sense of smell and are smarter than dogs?

  • vitorla

    lolol…the buffalo grove PD picture is right down the street from me.

  • D'oh

    5 And probably 19 as well (not sure about 19, sure about 5) are police doing it [i]right[/i] actually, they stopped the a chase. Especially 5 is plain awesome.

    • ladyguitarstar

      D’oh, the female cop sleeping?

      and lol Fury

    • Homer

      It’s #7 now, but yeah, the one where it says “Polis” on the car, that’s 100% doin’ it right.

  • cavemanlawyer

    Fuck the police and the 5-0 too!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Not tonight, I have a headache.

    • Big Bob

      cavemanlawyer – Next time you need emergency help, remember that statement and don’t call them.

  • Roder

    I would love to find out the stories of most of these because they all seem so impossible. How does one drive a patrol car in to freshly poured concrete???

  • robin yates

    the pig pic is from Belgium I think,,,,,pigs have a very highly developed sense of smell, so it is looking for something specific, like drugs

  • Glef

    No. 23 is actually a part of police training, they do it in my city.

  • Mr_Hym

    The handicap ones are clearly doing it right

  • pookie

    I dare you to tell the Russian cops they look gay.

    • Pigs

      Fuck the fascist!!

      • HellHathNoFury

        If you’re not the fascist, you’re the shlowest!

  • camilo

    i am going to be just like that hah cant wait

  • Србија

    #2 happened in Republic of Srpska.

    • sob

      your mother is a whore y.m.i.a.w.

  • talon

    There is a dash cam video of the “Buffalo Grove Police Car Accident” happening on Youtube. Google that phrase in quotes. Unfortunately, the police didn’t do anything wrong (besides giving a ticket to an old dude in a Camry for doing a measly 58 in a 35).

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