DIY Rolls Royce (12 photos)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, looks like hell. Panel gaps everywhere, not in proportion and the vents behind the front wheel scream ricer.

    • JROC

      really dude?

  • Jordo

    What kind of car was it before?

  • drunk russian

    it was a very very old mercedes.. The guy just realised that he would never be able to buy one, so he made one from pretty much scrap.. Gotta give him credit :0

  • Tiko

    The original car was a 1980s Mercedes W123-body. Pretty amazing to see a conversion like that.

    • Megarath

      Wow, I drove a W123 Mercedes 240D for about 15 years.. I’m surprised at how indistinguishable it is from the original. Even that MR2-to-Ferrari body kits still look like an MR2.

      Still, it’s crap. “Ambitious but rubbish.” But I’m sure he loves it very much.

  • Alan

    Not bad imo. This guy from russia? Pretty slick

  • kingkongi

    No Alan.. the guy is actually from detroit.

  • Regina

    lol…where ever the guys is is done in Russia!…

  • slutifer

    props for tha doors

  • rso

    folk art

  • top dog

    Thats a sexy car.

  • Kazak

    it`s not Russia it`s KAZAKSTAN, Karaganda sity

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s so stupid how some people are saying how crap it is and being so critical, where if they had no car or were in any similar situation, they would kill to drive it. Idiots.

    • pistol

      True that! its pretty sick, not everyone can do that!

  • W124gogo

    It is actually a W124.

  • Karima

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