New Russian trend: Give your baby a cigarette? (8 Photos)

  • top dog

    Probably not the coolest thing the world but, it is kinda funny.

    • jenluvschives

      Um, isn’t that what Russians have always done?

  • Fats-T

    I know cigarette companies want to get kids to smoke but this is ridiculous!!

  • Anonymous

    coolest thing in the world!!!!

  • Regina

    I’m Russian and I have my photo as a baby holding a cigarette….LMAO….wow..the TREND NEVER DIES

  • Brandon

    Russia and most of Asia will be providing stellar content for The Chive for years to come.

  • confused

    when did someone thing that this was a good idea

  • BillyBlaze

    This post made me just shout WOLVERINES

  • Matt

    thats actually kinda sick.

  • Mr Irony

    In Soviet Russia, the cig holds the baby

  • Ron Burgundy

    at least give them a light

  • Dinger

    To show that they are strong like bull!

  • Rudeboi

    That is so cute. Let’s start the lung cancer so soon as possible.

  • Nagrom

    Fuckin russian cunts DON’T deserve kids if they encourage them to smoke.

    Most idiotic, irresponsible, fuckin, whacked out, retarded idea I have EVER heard.

    WANK STAINS!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      assuredly, you’re a better role-model

      • Nagrom

        You DON’T know the first thing about me you fucking muppet!!!!

        Try and back up a statement like that with some facts.

        • Warped

          Give me your name and I’ll find some

        • Boscoe

          Facts? I think your idiotic rant about obviously joke photos is proof enough, m'kay?

      • Jermajesty

        Heck yeah this is ecxtlay what I needed.

  • Gonz


  • Yana

    Dear Nagrom,

    It is sad that you fail to see the humor in this.
    The parents are obviously not encouraging smoking. If you ever lived in Russia or saw what the culture is like there, you would understand that people just joke around there all the time and if someone takes a joking picture of you with a ciggarette it doesn’t mean you’ll go and start smoking it.

    So stop insulting people.

  • habsfanx


  • Joey

    Wait….babies can’t smoke…….WAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! I GET IT!!
    Silly russians…you clever bitches…

  • Regina

    I came back to this page and read the comments…..LOL!…… you guys. This, what keeps the laughter going!!!!!

  • Boscoe

    The weird thing is that those babies all look like Putin… Hmmm…

  • Evgeniya

    I'm Russian. It looks like no1 would ever understand Russian humor 😀 Stupid foreigners!

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