• tommybhoy

    Last pic is awsome!

  • Big Bob

    I have $100 that says the tiger lost…or at least ran away wounded.

    • StudleyPendejos

      I’ll take that bet my friend!

      • Big Bob

        You know, after watching some videos on youtube, I’d like to retract my bet!

    • lukeduke

      I have seen the video the gator is already dead in this pic wheres my 100 bucks from tom

  • jamen

    that tiger is fucking bamf.

    for some reason when i see that croc with the hippos, all i can think is that song “so long and thanks for all the fish” from hitch hickers guide to the galaxy, lol

  • BillyBlaze

    How many of these are shopped?

    • Mustafa_Beer

      I’ve seen a few…I can tell by

      • HellHathNoFury

        the pixels?

  • vitorla

    Ouch. That’d be some heavy water.

  • confused

    that last pic has to be photoshopped. no is that dumb

    • Cole

      I’m guessing it’s like a tourist attraction thing, some kind of permanent installment.

  • top dog

    I’d like to know what the hell they plan to do with that big ass cat fish, cause they can’t eat it.

    • NotHellHalfNoFurry

      Yeah I wanna see too cause i’ve never seen a fish mounted on a wall or anything before have you? The jenga pic is PRICELESS could be in motivational section, she’s so concentrated

      • Lionhearte

        That shit won’t fit on a wall…

        • Megarath

          Sure, I’d like to see that motivational poster.

          “Try as hard as you can!
          That shit’s gonna fall down anyway.
          You should have called in sick today.”

    • kottonkandy

      I’ve seen one mounted that was pretty big. I work in this bar and there’s a big shark or catfish or something mounted on the wall. I always thought it was fake until I saw a pic of my boss holding it up by a lake.

      • Robi5150

        If he caught it in a lake, then it’s most certainly a shark!

        • rob

          Sharks live in saltwater. Lakes are freshwater!

  • Steph

    Oh Shit!

  • nellyo2

    Why can’t you eat it? they don’t taste that good but you can certainely eat them. anyway i reckon it looks like they are doing the right thing and putting it back for another day.
    love the footprints.

  • Regina

    AHAHAHAHA….Megarath is right!!!!…call in sick when possible!!!!!!!……….

  • Lol.

    There gods foot prints. duh.

    • Internet Police

      you’re welcome. NOT YOUR WELCOME.
      that is all

  • El Váscon

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  • kleete

    Crocs were bested by a hippo and a tiger! Wow! Next time tag team match Croc & Giant Anaconda vs. Hippo and Tiger. Who ya got?

    • Robi5150

      All locked in a cage match with the catfish pullin’ ref duty.

  • Anonymous

    Atlanta Georgia

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