• Bobby Drake

    Breakin’ 3: Baghdad Breakdown

  • Mr.t

    he’s pretty good

  • Anonymous

    he WAS pretty good. now hes only good in being dead.

  • vitorla


  • Vison

    Does nobody else notice the audience? It looks like older people and their children.

    Is it possible that middle eastern parents DO understand?

  • slutifer

    i wanna dance like that !

  • confused

    he aint got shit on borat, word up

  • SKAT

    Death to the western world, except for break dancing and parachute pants……

  • robin yates

    that is NOT Qusay, he was a lot taller

    • Sweet Jimmy

      Hah. It’d be funny if it was him, but I don’t think either of those dudes is him. The both of them have too much of a lantern jaw / long face thing going on to be of the Hussein brothers.

  • oeijowj

    nobody can hate on this…

  • aaron

    dance durka dance!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Tyrone

    And iraqi fabio sitting on the floor to the right

  • trogdor

    oh god ud be pretty gullible if u actually believed those were relative of saddam hussein… its supposed to be a joke !

    anyway, funny costumes, not bad moves, and WTF with the late 60s audience geez

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that was Quasay. The guy in the American flag-eque jacket actually looks for Quasay than the one in the purple. What a strange culture. Can you imagine the American guys breakdancing in the ’80s doing that in a living room full of old women??

  • mikey

    Now i know the internet has peaked, because I had to watch a 1:30 ad before I could watch a decade old home video of Saddam Hussein’s son bustin a move.

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  • ss

    looks like iran lol… boy that was kinda weird at first.

  • henry ward

    the people knew better than too criticize him

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