So when’s this hipster thing gonna die? (30 photos)

  • ladyguitarstar

    No, no, no, no, no.

    Did the thing in the gold get hungry or something? I bet her idol is kelly osbourne.

    • gnarbucketz

      I think that’s Beth Ditto, from Gossip. She can sing like a motherfucker.

      • mook

        What is the actual realm or definition or how is one a hipster…

        All I see are pretentious nerds who are trying to look bad.
        Anyone can do that, so wouldn’t everyone be a hipster?

  • derp

    I like too.

    You should have added the captions too.

    • Big Bob

      You mean to tell me that every single picture on the internet isn’t 100% original? Say it aint so!!!!!

  • Gabriel

    17th. pic is from early 80’s, and the guy in first place is Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish director.

    • Irwin109

      I remember we had to watch Todo Sobre Mi Madre for Film Studies… Damn that Pedro!

      • thirty6ix

        …but seriously, though: essentially every picture from this is taken from Some even appear in the same order.

  • Irwin109

    Most disturbing CHIVE post ever!

  • rain

    Hey, thats Robin Shabatsky’s bridesmaid dress in pic # 1. She for it for Marshall n Lillys wedding!!!!!!!

  • billemazing

    A clown sweater? Seriously? What’s wrong with these people?

    • wcfloyd

      You mean besides the fact that they are spoiled brat coke addicts?

      • billemazing

        I don’t know how spoiled they are. They look more to me like they are starved for attention.

  • slutifer

    urgent need to kill

  • top dog

    Buy less, f-ck more, I can do that.

  • Jerod

    2nd to last picture – even the indian statue is embarressed. He cant believe this is what his land was taken for.

    • Brandon

      Haha, Native statue facepalm FTW!

  • tommybhoy

    I thought these people were just fucking tramps that steal from charity shops.
    Now the have their own genre…..

  • Anonymous

    The ugly picture of the chick licking her foot is a picture of Beth Ditto, she’s a punk singer. Punks and hipsters are like ninjas and pirates, I think. 🙂

  • Andy

    Rob fucking Severson, your asinine, overblown attempts at being a hipster are now famous. Now make a similar attempt at not being a total loser.

  • P-90

    Soooo many people needing soooo many ‘Sort you’re fucking life out!’ slaps.

  • svelte

    Dude, the hipster scene has been around for 50 years and is not likely to go away anytime soon!

    Look at photos of Walter Becker in the early 1970s. Remember the 1980s with Madonna in the Lucky Start and Dress You Up videos and all the teens smoking clove cigarettes…it’s here to stay.

  • Ken

    That poor dog looks soooooo embarrassed!

  • HellHathNoFury

    hipster FAIL. The Frankie shirt is not awesome. It SHOULD say , ‘Frankie Say Relax’. Fucking hipsters, not knowing their own stupid hipster culture.
    I must have the coonskin cap.

  • Anonymous

    Eww. I don’t like hipsters.

  • Anonymous

    …retards begging for attention…

  • booo

    I fell bad for white people.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You’re name’s ‘booo’ and you *feel* bad for white people? Sounds like a spook to me.

  • Kassie

    Literally stolen shot for shot from and no shout out to the original , sly dude !

    • (A)

      They’ve already done 3 with shout outs and links, if you look back.

  • Regina

    That takes some serious Drug Overdose

  • Camcaine

    makes me glad there wasn’t a Chive back in the mid 1990’s….oh the things i wore…

  • darko1974

    What a mistake in picture number 17! The one on the left is the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar in his wild years back in early 80’s. Yep! Very current hipsters! ;oP

  • Derpderpderp

    Hey Chive, how about saying where you got all the pictures for once and crediting them for finding them for you?

    • Anonymous

      how about you suck my chivey balls……..

  • Latfh

    *posted at Look at This Fucking Hipster

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