I hate to use the word FAIL but… (15 Photos)

fail pics lol I hate to use the word FAIL but... (15 Photos)

  • Lolwut

    Girl in the last pic = reaffirming the blond stereotype

    • confused

      hey its not just the blond’s fault o counted 2 other people messing up, one of them twice

      • Anonymous

        she as the correct plate in her other hand. pretty positive it was intentional.

    • Staica♥

      you need the BLONDE* test you can't even Spell BLONE*….Sad.=/

      • 1kissbee

        Are you really that stupid or just being a troll/

  • Mad


  • Matt

    ahhhhh so many of these are just to disgusting.

  • my little pony

    the lady with the dick cake is more intrested in the horse cake than hers.. I guess its true once you go horse you never go back..

  • anonymouse

    … but these are all ripped off from failblog so we’ll go ahead and use it anyways.

    • Sweet Jimmy

      …And since we’re on The Chive and not Failblog, who cares if you saw them on Failblog at some point. I come to The Chive for my pics, not Failblog. You, Sir, can go fuck yourself and do not pass go or collect 200 dollars.

  • ianmd

    ‘Susin’ in pic 8 has it all wrong – they only put Marines on Navy ships because sheep would look suspicious.

    • P-90

      Do you know why there were sheep on the Welsh ships coming back from the Falklands conflict?
      War brides!

      (Just kidding)

  • P-90

    I wonder why they made that lighthouse and rocks cake pink?

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  • your dick

    I seen the one with the kid on the motorcycle in class, We were watching a video about floods and shit, When i saw that kid i feel to the floor cracking up.

  • truthspeaker

    A friend of mine makes his entire living from knocking down African-Americans that are sagging. Since they can’t even stand up let alone chase him, he then strips them of their bling and drugs and shit and sells it all on craigslist.

  • deelka

    i love thet aaaaass i want kiss thet fly ass big ass waaaaaaaw

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