Shop the mysterious armless Guzzler Gimp (14 photos and counting)

Original photo:
guzzler girl shop2 01 Shop the mysterious armless Guzzler Gimp (14 photos and counting)
Attention Chivers, this girl needs your help! She may never drive and text at the same time, but let’s at least give her some hope. Please send all ‘shopped photos to If they don’t suck, we will post!

  • TMI

    Hey, would you guys mind making another minor word usage that I find slightly amusing so that I can make an overly pendantic attempt at humor so that I can get my ass handed to me again?

    • HellHathNoFury

      I am hereby presenting you with an ass. I have dubbed it, ‘garp’.

  • beckski

    i lol’d at 3

  • top dog

    Shopped? more like chopped.

  • None

    Wow, the bottle hasn’t been shopped into something else yet?

    • jeff in Australia

      The temptation was there…!

  • garp

    …thing is, I don’t think her left arm is missing, it’s just behind her helping her remain balanced while she gracefully deep throats her bottle el vino. Proof: the lacey sweater on her right arm, how could it remain in place lest a countersleeve were on the hidden left? Hmmmm?

    [remove sunglasses] looks like this mystery has been….’left’ behind [raise eyebrow] YYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      FUN SUCKER!!!!
      *shun the unbeliever!*

  • Big Bob

    #7 and #9 got a chuckle out of me.

  • top dog

    I only got the first three pic’s when I opened it the first time, now I got a bunch of em. Amazing, and funny. I like #13, two at a time…Hehehehe!!

  • Leo

    Garp: We all know her arm is behind her. Jackass.

    • garp

      …I’d prefer if you didn’t use my middle name, garp is good enough

  • lucy Fur

    Comments are funnier than most of the pictures.

    • ladyguitarstar

      your name is the name of my cat!

  • lucy Fur


  • Laura

    A wild Snooki appears!

  • LOL

    #9…did ya have to include the hairy pit? I mean seriously? Ya had to do it huh? Just like I have to point it out…lol! 8) 🙂 lol

  • Random Task

    Samus FTW!

  • exexec

    The Tiger Woods one is a LOL-generator.

  • macrda

    what happenend to if they don’t suck we will post them – they all suck

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