Hey, would you guys mind making another minor word usage that I find slightly amusing so that I can make an overly pendantic attempt at humor so that I can get my ass handed to me again?

    • HellHathNoFury

      I am hereby presenting you with an ass. I have dubbed it, ‘garp’.

  • beckski

    i lol’d at 3

  • top dog

    Shopped? more like chopped.

  • None

    Wow, the bottle hasn’t been shopped into something else yet?

    • jeff in Australia

      The temptation was there…!

  • garp

    …thing is, I don’t think her left arm is missing, it’s just behind her helping her remain balanced while she gracefully deep throats her bottle el vino. Proof: the lacey sweater on her right arm, how could it remain in place lest a countersleeve were on the hidden left? Hmmmm?

    [remove sunglasses] looks like this mystery has been….’left’ behind [raise eyebrow] YYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      FUN SUCKER!!!!
      *shun the unbeliever!*

  • Big Bob

    #7 and #9 got a chuckle out of me.

  • top dog

    I only got the first three pic’s when I opened it the first time, now I got a bunch of em. Amazing, and funny. I like #13, two at a time…Hehehehe!!

  • Leo

    Garp: We all know her arm is behind her. Jackass.

    • garp

      …I’d prefer if you didn’t use my middle name, garp is good enough

  • lucy Fur

    Comments are funnier than most of the pictures.

    • ladyguitarstar

      your name is the name of my cat!

  • lucy Fur


  • Laura

    A wild Snooki appears!

  • LOL

    #9…did ya have to include the hairy pit? I mean seriously? Ya had to do it huh? Just like I have to point it out…lol! 8) :) lol

  • Random Task

    Samus FTW!

  • exexec

    The Tiger Woods one is a LOL-generator.

  • macrda

    what happenend to if they don’t suck we will post them – they all suck

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