• Huh


  • BK

    Local Hero!

  • manolo

    one of the most amazing things ive seen. good for that guy. he should be given a medal or something.

  • Oprah's Minge

    I like how the other guy backs up so that blood won’t get on him or his bike.

  • pwned

    That happened in Argentina last week… the guy just left in the motorcycle after saving the kid in the van, his identity remains unknown…

  • go

    balls of steal

  • JoshBerg

    b a d a s s

  • justmarty


  • juan/arg

    his name is jose luis medrano, a truly hero..

  • Regina


  • James

    Heroic none the less, but notice how the train stops about 10 feet past where it would’ve hit the bus.

  • Nagrom


    That guys is a real god damn hero.

    Shame there aren’t more like him on this shit hole planet.

  • juan/arg

    put this on youtube to see the entire video ¨el heroe de tigre¨

  • Ken

    Why did he run back across? Why didn’t the driver get out of the van?

    Gutsy play FTW.

  • Ash

    Looked like whoever was in van hit the brakes too, genius.

  • Kevin/arg

    The driver was a 17 years old kid, who was shit-in-pants freaked out and couln’t react or something like that, the train driver had already spotted the van and used the brakes, but it was going too fast to stop before hitting the van

  • Guru

    this video is from Argentina… representing!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    i would totally kiss that guy.

  • NoID

    I don’t know the history at all, but I hear the kid from the van, stolen the car from his parents. The reaction from the man is to run back, it’s a common reaction from all of us. Sorry for my english because I speak spanish.. (lol) I’m from Argentine.

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  • slutifer

    lol the train was hardly moving

    • Nice

      Yeah, you jump in front of a hardly moving train … we’ll see you do that?!

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