10 Animated gifs that hurt your funny bone

This is a very heavy gallery, please be patient while images load.

  • McBeastie

    9 and 11 are my favorites, but the polar bear one is pretty good too.

  • Rusty

    Polar bears are awesome and full of win.

    • Paul

      Sadly that stupid, trendy term is full of “you’re so lame you make the internet slower.”

  • Anonymous

    damn whats going on in #8?

    • bowhuntpa

      #8 its the bitch slap dance!

    • Blow

      one word .. romania

  • Regina

    oh the polar bears……..not so cute afterall

  • dt520

    how the hell does the last one happen? does he just hit his front brake?

    • Matt

      he must have tried to do a stoppie or maybe just an inexperienced rider, but yeah hitting the front brake hard enough will catapult you over the handlebars, especially when you don’t hit the rear brake.

      • Anonymous

        Regarding the motorcycle, applying the rear brake does very little once the rear wheel has lifted off the road surface due to the front brake being applied hard.

        • Khyber Pathway

          Way to state the obvious guys

          • Anon

            Any experienced crosser rider will tell you that you can adjust the pitch of the stoppie by applying the rear brake or the throttle. The action through the rear wheel can raise or lower the rear of the bike.

            Not what this guy did.

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  • goposaur

    way too many people in the world.

  • ozzie

    prolly hit his front brake.

  • PooPooCachoo

    #8 – I’ll bet that’s the last time she’ll nag her hsuband about never dancing with her!

  • top dog

    That dance must be the “slap the ball and chain” dance. You spin em all around and smack em up and down. Dude, you’re suppose to smack it up, flip it and rub it bown.

  • Your Underpants

    ouch, that’s a deal breaker


    #8. Like, why did he even try to continue dancing as if nothing happened? lol

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  • bktscrambler

    what the hell is going on in the first gif? exploding sledgehammers?

    • Matt

      lol no if you look closely you can see a metal plate on the ground. Thats an explosive partly buried in the ground. I saw this on a most amazing videos type of show. They explained its a “just for fun type of thing” but in this specific case the guy used to much explosive and now you see what happens.

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        It’s probably Tannerite. It’s used to make exploding clay targets for shooting; but it does have, shall we say. *other* applications.

        • Floopa_Joopa

          I read about this somewhere, but, it’s actually some type of celebration. I don’t remember where it takes place, but, they smash very small amounts of dynamite with sledges.

          • Matt

            ahhh yes thats what it is.

  • confused

    ahh thechive you brighten up my week

  • peteyroberto

    I actually know what happens with the sledgehammer its at a festival where they tie fireworks 2 the sledgehammer tip and the concussive force makes a tiny explosion when it hits the ground\…he tied 2 much to his apparently…dont ask how i know this

  • StanDup

    I like #2. It just has that bit of fail you need!

  • norm

    I’ve seen 8 all over and still have no idea what is going on there.

    4 – CLOCKED (let’s hope she deserved it)

  • doug

    I laughed so hard that I cried. Nice.

  • Dreamy

    damn, i laughed so hard i had trouble breathing xD
    thx chive, i needed this

  • marco

    what a coward…i would have kicked that dudes ass so hard…

  • def

    Does somebody has a video of the guy in #7?

  • Anon doaner

    Is bluewaffle.net HHNF?

    • HellHathNoFury

      i can only imagine the class of person who would research and suggest such a thing.

      • MichaelGS

        wow i just checked it out… and it put me off eating my breakfast, thanks douche. sure its not HHNF, hers is all rusty from lack of use.

  • Ken

    WTF with the dancing couple???

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