New Orleans club bans Jersey Shore-like douchebags (10 photos)

a new orleans club bans jersey shore 61 New Orleans club bans Jersey Shore like douchebags (10 photos)

This just made my day. A club in New Orleans is enforcing an anti-Jersey Shore douchebag dress code.

Read the entire story at here and enjoy the photos below of hot chicks with douches courtesy of

  • Mattythegooch

    The WORLD need to live by those rules!!! Scottsdale, I’m looking in your general direction.

    • smallchinaman

      The Chive could fill up a warehouse full of Scottsdale douchebag pics.
      Question – do these guys not realize??

  • kllyjspr

    Dude in #9 is wearing the same lip stick as girls

    • m00oosemunch

      ooooh ooooh can we ban all their fugly, trifling girlfriends too? Too much attitude, makeup and fake hair for my weiner

  • at work

    Did those guys in pic 3 oil themselves up?

  • HellHathNoFury

    And just before bedtime. Why, chive, WHY?!
    *overdoses on Ambien, all of Chive celebrates*

    • evilorstupid

      Uh, if you have any Ambien left, can I have it?

    • ladyguitarstar

      Joking about suicide is just wrong, you shouldnt do that, you also shouldnt think that i was being serious, just wanted to mess with you seriously though i would miss you 😉

      • ERock0811

        Just remember kids cut up the highway not across

      • HellHathNoFury

        your flash is better than mine was. Love ya

  • slutifer

    affliction is douchy too? i thought it was some metal shit, i dont like it either

  • stafferty

    We also need rules that ban guys who never took a martial arts class from dressing and acting like MMA stars. I can’t order a beer without argueing with some douchbag that thinks it only takes black Tap Out t-shirt to become a black belt. It seriously makes me want to hit them hard enough to turn that duck face around like a daffy duck cartoon.

    ^My First (of many) Angry Rants for today^

    • Mustafa_Beer

      That’s what TAP OUT is??? For me, when the first keg empties, we yell “tap out” and move to the next.

    • garp

      …lol, “I say it’s duckface season, and I say, FIRE!”

      • Shadow Sterks

        Ah well what can we do if we wouldnt have douchebags the world would be a sad and unfunny place.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Hahaha Grap!
        ‘Guido season’
        duckface season’
        guido season!’
        Well I say it’s duckface season and i say FIRE! *duckface all backwards and upside down*

  • jaydub2xx

    wouldnt it just be easier to say if you look like an oompa loompa get the f**k out?

  • Kotlet

    Amen stafferty.

  • Bonder Rodriguez

    I want that poster.

  • hmm....

    #8 soooooo gay!!

  • Rusty

    #9…..I am so sick of hand sign duckface. Who started it? How did it spread? It’s like a horrible fucking disease that affects douchebags only. Why can’t said disease be deadly?

  • goposaur

    Even my gay friends think they’re too gay.

  • D

    Yeah for New Orleans!!!

  • Anonymous


  • ladyguitarstar

    Ive been to that bar in nawlins, it was cool before they put the sign up, now theyre badass

  • jeff in Australia

    As a foreign person, can someone explain to me why New jersey seems to be the capital of the 456 people of America..?.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Because of the high concentration of Italians. The mob is very much alive, and this is their inhumane way of intimidating and punishing the rest of us.

  • jeff in Australia

    Thank you. I think you are very brave, and I hope there is not a member that is a Chive fan.
    Ps. why do Italian mob followers want/need to look orange, is it some sort of membership/initiation color..? Or does it have something to do with spaghetti sauce..?

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  • anmil

    Ok, guy # 9 = total DB, but what's wrong with guy #4? He seems to have style of his own, not copied from the Jersey Shore guido type DBs.

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  • Francis M White

    The orange look is for douchebags. Props to the bar for shutting down wanna-be players and ass crackers like the douchebags from Staten Island, and Rhode Island that claim to rep the dirty Jerz.

  • adam_smalls

    Thats at Republic here in New Orleans. Cool spot! They're never was a big douche bag crowd there to begin with.

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  • Trypno

    Maybe it’s just me but #4 doesn’t seem to belong in this list, if anything he seems more neo-punk than the other guys on this list. Just a dude with a Mohawk and black buttoned up shirt. Unlike the rest of the guys on this list, his shirt isn’t open. Also, the other guys on this list are showing forms of dominance over the women near them, or acting like bad asses just because a semi-good looking female happened across their vicinity. Meanwhile number 4 isn’t posing for the camera, but is instead showing his girl some love. Also his chick isn’t making duckface, in fact she seems to be the most real looking girl in this whole list.

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