I’ve said ‘worst tattoo ever’ before but this time I mean it (22 Photos)

  • MaxSpain

    Superman/Pac-Man/Zappa FTW!

  • krisb

    Superman tat is kinda cool.

  • RocknRollDr.

    #17 is a work of art. A very bad ass work of art.

  • lambdo

    #20 should not be in this list, it’s an epic tattoo. It’s fucking Frank Zappa!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Most of these don’t qualify as ” worst Tattoo’s” to me.. However, the amount of taste and forethought could be questioned. I think 17 is very high quality.

  • HellHathNoFury

    #3. When she actually gets one in there, her tattoo will be ruined, so she’s kindof defeating her own purpose.

    • Brandon

      But will it be a mermaid baby?

      #13 seems to be Manson’s eyes?

    • Rusty

      asuming it is a girl

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m gonna find the guy who shamed Christopher Walken and shove a cowbell up his tukhus.

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      Make sure the cowbell is crosswise and don’t use a drop of lubricant!

  • evilorstupid

    Beautiful tradgedy indeed. Please children, you must be at least “this” smart to get on the tattoo ride…

  • Professor Sparks-a-Lot

    tradgedy? LOL! This chick should do a spellcheck before she got her shitty heart chest tat!

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Good god….you gotta wonder what some of these people are thinking. A McDonald’s tramp stamp…really??? I dig the superman though

  • LadyBodom

    is #2 real? i feel bad for this guy he seems so nice and happy, but completely fuked if he ever needed a job interveiw or anything

    • WhereWasItTheLastTime

      I believe he’s a teacher who has now retired. He felt that being tattoo’d was something that he just had to do.

      The full-face tattoo plus the collar and tie just creases me up. Go for it, teach!

  • Jose Biscuits


  • Dom

    Was that Frankenwalken?

  • Damn

    Zappa is legit for sure!!!

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  • awesome

    That superman one is a great painting by Alex Ross… However, the tat looks like our man of steel is taking a few loads, or getting pissed on, not deflecting bullets.

  • Splyce

    #2 is Bruce Potts. He teaches Public Speaking at the University of New Mexico and by all accounts is a successful, sane and very likable guy.

  • bastian


    If you noticed the tattoo in pic 21 i have bad news for you

  • D

    Fucking retarded! Everyone of them………

  • McBeastie

    I kinda like the Charlie Manson eyes on #13….but I’m not quite right in the head.

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    # 14 is SCARY!!! WHY A CHAIR!!???

    • Dave

      The joke he’s going for is armchair. A tattoo of a chair, on his arm.

    • ckdex

      For what it worth that is an Eames chair…top o' the line.

  • Cara

    There’s actually some really good work in these photos.. We don’t need to know the reason they got the images they did, it’s the shitty work and stupid ideas that are really a waste of skin. But I can really appreciate some of the skills on these pieces.

  • effemel

    is Walken supposed to be a zombie?

  • top dog

    Why would a man, tattoo another man’s face on his ass?

    • jo

      Cause they highly respect and value each other?

  • jo

    Every last one means that the wearers should be sterilized. This brand of stupidity should not be allowed to pass on.

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