Parking, yer doin’ it wrong (22 Photos)

  • bbbbbeaver

    #21 you know when you’re having a bad day, and theres one lonesome rain cloud on you? yea, it happens…

  • krisb

    Geez, women drivers:)

  • LOL

    Some of them…all I can say is How in the HELL?!? 😛

  • lfs

    #17 is son PWND!

  • Anonymous

    its funny because its not my car.

  • Anonymous

    at first, I thought #9 said “bar open for non-gingers”

  • pete Snot

    #22 stays between the lines..

  • JQ

    #19 is definatly a photoshop

  • Sor

    Female drivers.

    • HellHathNoFury

      This female driver has never had or caused an accident….away from the D-derby.

      • P-90

        Donkey Derby?

  • kleete

    #2 new car wash?
    #15 great hole-in-one!
    #18 The bus just needed a drink.

  • Lomi

    16! hahaha

  • jim


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