Real life Wolverine…idiot?? (11 Photos)

  • mai

    ewww gross…i hope he doesnt stab himself when he tries to scratch himself

    • Dave

      Heh, I hope he does, and takes his nuts out in the process.

      • Paul

        You're assuming he had them to begin with…

  • nomad

    The door opens and this guy is your daughter 's boyfriend.

    The pleasure of being a parent

    • Not a phsyco

      I would kick his ass all over my yard. I don't even care if he stabs me.

  • gurr


  • Rob

    Some people are truly idiotic.

  • Anon

    I don’t understand excessive piercing. It serves no real purpose beyond some aesthetic value. He’d be more likely to tear the skin off his hand than actually claw someone with those.

    • KCMonkey

      Piercing is about expression. Excessive body mods are about the need for attention and validation.

  • yo

    im pretty sure the blades were houses in wolverines forearms and came out at the start of his hands, not at his knuckles like this guy has.

    • Nick

      Yeah because the real wolverine was real! You are an idiot too

      • Zooks


      • Vrye Denker

        The dude was just being pedantic. I agree, if you are gonna be such a dick that you would pretend to be wolverine, at least have the balls to do it right.

  • Linefire

    His only excuse is lack of proper birth control in the early 80’s

  • noname

    This org was posted up on bmezine

  • Irwin109

    What a spoon

  • Non-russian

    Oh my, what a hostility 🙂

  • yeahsure

    Complete trombloid!

  • Anonmouse

    Look at me everyone!!! I’m different!!! Look at me!!!

    What a winner…

  • stafferty

    The skin there isn’t thick enough to hold thos steel spikes in. If he tries to actually do soemthing with those spikes they will probably rip out of his hand and leave three seperate two inch gashes in his hand.

    In such an event we will all laugh and point. Parenting Fail

  • NTFW

    tha’ts gonna be f’ing brutallllllllllllllllllllll if he punches someone.. for him, not them
    cause that’s def gonna rip that crap outta his hand

  • xclusive02

    I’d love to interview this guy for a job. The first question would be, Hi, I’m… um, What The Fuck Is That?

  • Ronin

    I remember when being considered manly was defined by rebuilding your carburator, after cleaning your hunting rifles in the kitchen once you were done dressing the deer you popped earlier that morning. This is about as queer as I can imagine

    • garp

      …take solace Ronin, in my neighbourhood your definition still holds true, the willowboy pictured above doesn’t redefine squat, ‘cept by adding another layer of silt to the sea of stupidity

  • anaition


  • BuhBuh

    Dear Sir,

    Please do not reproduce



  • youguysaretheretards

    These are the most ignorant comments I've ever read about any body modification. Obviously this guy didn't get his hand pierced and get long "Wolverine" spikes so he could punch someone. It's all aesthetic, and very unique at that. It's not about being an "individual" it's about having the ability to do to your body whatever you want. I'm sure the only body mods any of you losers have are pierced ears and a tattoo you picked out of a book. Yeah if you think this guy is retarded, go to

    • Vrye Denker

      OMG! You like totally convinced me. One million internets for you.

    • What?

      You sir, are an idiot. This is in no way, shape or form unique. Furthermore, just because you *can* do whatever you want to your own body, does not mean you should.

    • Warren

      "I'm sure the only body mods any of you losers have are pierced ears…." No. No I don't have any body mods. Guess you can count me as a loser. A proud loser.

  • Dikano


  • mike


  • kleete

    Douche Bag of the Year Award goes to……moron pierced kid with the stupid claws! Congratulations! Please die!

  • Lomi

    lol bmezine got weird people in there. ahh . tunnels on the chin. ouch

  • HellHathNoFury

    Damn, dude, you’re so tough with those hardcore piercings. Your soft girlie-skin and flabby, skinny arms tell me you don’t do a damn thing, and that’s aside from the fact that you could obviously never do much work with your hands without stretching the hell out of those or tearing them. So tough and sexy.

    • MichaelGS

      i wouldve thought the middle claw through the deviated septum was what really got the ladies swooning! admit it, it got you a bit flustered didnt it HHNF?

      • HellHathNoFury

        oh Gods yes.

        • MichaelGS

          so its been scientifically proven to be a hit with the ladies! 100% of women asked said and i quote “oh Gods yes”. and we all thought he was just trying to be different! but its really an elaborate mating ritual

  • kp

    total ,complete, girly-man

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