• Robi5150

    I'm strangely turned on….but will someone please explain the whole ear disc thing? I can see it 50 years from now: " Grandma, why are your ears so fucked up?"

    • HellHathNoFury

      Well, sonny boy, in my day the cool kids wanted their ears to looks like a dog’s butthole when we took our earrings out.

    • Paul

      Gauging ears is quite the trend. Besides, your lobes heal up perfectly fine when you take them out for good. Just saying.

  • Rick

    She is beautiful, what the hell is wrong with the world today. That chick is hot as fire. And on top of that I'd rather have a tattooed awesome chick with personality than a close minded idiot. Unless beer and kids is your only future. in that case don't mess with someone so awesome.

    • trogdor

      What Rick says… but the ears are a turn off for me 😥

      • Anonymous

        id take the earing out and hit her ear

      • PooPooCachoo

        Her ears are sweet. I can store my cockring in one of them. Heck, you can store yours in the other ear.

        Epic tag-team!!!

    • j


      • isawoj

        Ear fuck her

        • Warped

          Ok Rick….. so if you dont have a tat you’re a close minded idiot. I would have to say that’s a pretty close minded statement and you fall right into it.

          • God

            Perpetual dumb! Closed* minded. She’s hot, but I’m not a fan of the ears either.

            • Rusty

              I’d take beer and kids over that freak any day.

            • HellHathNoFury


        • Ellis
    • Mr.Doom

      Why is a person close minded if they don’t like tattoos, I put it to you that you are close minded for thinking that all non tatooed people are closed minded

    • bakedpotatoes


    • Flicka

      In my experience, people in "tattoo culture" or any kind of culture, really, tend to be alarmingly like the other people of said culture.
      This chick? Not my bag. But hey, maybe she's real sweet in person. That can change a lot.
      But on photos alone: no.

    • Jawbone

      She's a nasty cunt and you're fucking retarded. So…. You've probably got a shot. She smells like a toilet.

  • garp


    • Tom

      Tats – The Permanent Mullet

  • tiger woulds

    she doesn’t need the effed up tats, her mug is effed up on its own.

  • Alan

    I’d fuck her

  • Joe Clyde

    young lady. Where is your father?

  • Dom

    Will you marry me?

  • ozzie

    what’s funny is that she’s got a jessica alba face but the ears kill it. i’d still hit it though.

  • Tyler

    If by “scares” you, you mean really turns you on…………then I concur with statement.

  • Liz

    she’s gonna look SUPER in 20 years

    • PooPooCachoo

      Are you implying she will age like an old newspaper?

      • God

        Newspapers don’t age, silly.

        • HellHathNoFury

          They do get quite dated.

    • Alp

      if she takes care of herself, why not?

  • ryan

    She is gorgeous and looks like she has some sort of engineering background judging from her photo taken with the milling machine. Beauty and brains to match, great combination, wish i could say the same for most other chicks

    • garp

      …she also got her picture taken with a bottle of Windex, she could be the janitor of the engineering lab

    • Big Bob

      It’s too bad her skin looks like a comic book. She also has a giraffe-like neck, and she must have accidentally fired a .50 bullet through each of her earlobes. Other than all of that mess, she’s kind of cute. Kind of. To each his/her own I guess.

  • HimAgain

    Looks like the perfect girl – Shes cool for the summer shes got that heat for the winter and you get moving pictures all year round.

    *************************Or to some it up**********************
    “More man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever see”

    • sock puppet

      That bony ass won’t be keeping anyone warm in the winter.

  • poppajo8

    I’d hit it.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Cute face, cool job, nice tats, but so many! Overkill. *haha, works in a gun factory…overkill*

  • awesome

    shout to all the ladies who can use a vernier caliper!!!!

  • The Dude

    nuf said

  • Someguy

    If she shaved her head she reminds me of Jack from ME2

  • fourtwenty

    hella hot

  • youdummy

    Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed!

  • Rick's comment FTW..

    Rick is right! This girl has it going on! People thinking els is christian prod idiot..! Rock on rick rock on smoking hot girl!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Not all people that think stretched-out vagina ears and full body-covering tattoos aren’t the most appealing things ever are Christians. How very narrow of you.

    • Showtime

      I think tats are hot AND I think Jesus is great. I must be a paradox of some sort, right? Your argument is not valid.

      Her ears are a mess though.

  • Alex Hammer

    Would someone give her some food please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nateb123

    A little skinny if we’re being picky but I think she works it pretty well. Some of the tats are a bit meh but overall I think she’s pretty hot. The 3rd picture is what sold me though: the glasses no longer say “I’m trying too hard to be geek chic” and actually do her face some justice and the ear discs are much smaller.

  • Vroom

    That’s the type of chick who is super insecure on the inside, and hides behind her ‘punk’ look as a security blanket.

    • God

      Guess you’ve never met a person who’s proud to show her causes and beliefs in public. Get new friends.

  • BillyBlaze

    Kinda like a tatooed Jessica Alba

  • ROK

    the advanced armament website has an ’09 calendar (one page poster style) with her on it.

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