Behind every great child is a great parent (20 Photos)

  • Woody

    Some solid cases for sterilization in there…

  • Indigo Girl

    is that mom, is that dad oh, eh, ah wow

  • yourself posed

    that’ll teach em

  • habsfanx

    Hello bad parents ….. did you know we have what they call CONDOMS !!!!!!!! BUCH OF FAIL ….. AND THIS IS OUR FUTUR ITS THE END OF THE WORLD !!!!!

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Hello habsfanx… If we called for the neutering of parents that made mistakes, you would be in line for sterilization. ” Bunch of fail” and ” our future” would qualify you.

  • Rollins

    Balliin (No. 19)

    No. 18 is a f–kin disgrace

    • jaydub2xx

      i’ve seen this pic before- but this is the first time i noticed the second cake, yes it also has a male appendage…wtf people?????…

      and you in #15…i understand you are trying to troll for a new daddy, but maybe you should introduce your kid later in the relationship

      • jaydub2xx

        …later like after you take the 40 bux off the dresser

  • k

    19 couldve been a halloween costume

  • Rusty

    Poor baby duck.

  • Ana

    Aww… the face of the kid on #18 makes me want to hug her lol. Poor child.

    And #20 was hilarious.

  • P-90

    #4 Nothing wrong with preraring your kids for a zombie outbreak.
    #5 Is that lion winking, oh shit!!!

  • Charley

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the last pic for a while… then when I saw it I laughed so hard my dog ran away in terror. XD

  • Cydonia

    What the hell is going on in #16?
    “Here son, drop your pants and pee into this bottle in front of the scantily clad girls while the nice man takes a picture.”

    • Megan

      # 16. This is in China. They literally have no shame. And they don’t make the kids wear diapers either. Pretty unsanitary.

  • ladyguitarstar

    no. 15’s ass is oddly shaped,. too much space between the cheeks.
    The little boy’s face with the lion is so pitiful. Most of these ‘parents’ are going to hell.

  • top dog

    Your caption is wrong, it should be “Behind every great child is a asshole parent”. But….I do get the sarcasm.

  • top dog

    Thats some pretty good lipwork in #18 though.

  • Nicnac

    has anyone ever found out exactly what #18 is? It’s easily the most used pic on chive…

    • big dog

      It look like a woman is sucking on a dildo to me, and doing a very good job, a very good job in deed.

  • evilorstupid

    WTF is with the chick deep throating the cake? Kids or no kids, that is just whack.

  • ROFL

    My favorite was the duck. That’s what I call favoritism.

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    # 15 and 18 (O_O)!

  • Lomi

    #4 i wouldn’t mess with their father
    #15 is just plain awesome!
    #18 look at the kid’s face haha! maybe she’s thinking what the fck is she doin suckin that thick candle haha

  • shmoopy

    i feel sorry for the ducky

  • Me

    #18=What she should have done the night her child was conceived.

  • doo dah doo doo

    In the therapy session: “And I haven’t been able to eat cake since.”

  • no wayman91

    #18 WTF?? When that child gets older and see this,she is going to kill her.

  • Sebastien

    Pretty awesome!!!!

  • Quinn

    Bad day for ducks

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