Friday’s awesome bombing runs (30 Photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    25…. pandamonium.! Nevermind, I’ll just go away now

  • Joe Clyde

    The Panda in #25 is the best.

  • wendell baker

    i’m a panda, bombin’ your heart photo

  • confused

    panda’s are awesome

  • HHNFFan

    22 = Fail / Sad

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ooh, are you the adoring kind of fan, or the stalkerish kind? Just wait behind that bush near my window tonight and write your answer on my window in blood.

  • durrrrrr

    can’t remember the last time i saw a funny photobomb…

  • misainzig


  • alison

    the baby made me LOL

    • P-90

      The rare ‘Baby Bomb’

  • doo

    I just don’t get the appeal of photo-bombs.

    The sea-world one was funny, but some random person/people pulling a face/faces behind some other random people is not.

    • youdummy

      I don’t get the appeal of looking at something you know doesn’t appeal to you just so you can leave a comment saying it doesn’t appeal to you.

  • Your Underpants

    #10 photo bum ?

    anyone? no ?, your a terrible audience im outta here

  • Equalizer

    #1 > have to take picture first, save wife later.

  • scrunchedupwords

    the girl in #6 looks like a brunette paris hilton but younger.

  • Ken

    #11 LOL…I love Lamp!

    #23 Wistful bride. I’m sure there are deeper meanings there, but I have no idea what they are.

    #27 Sadly…a pretty typical University of Colorado student.

  • Eric

    I think #30 is my little sister…the hairy one kinda looks like her husband but hard to tell.

  • LOL

    #23…wow that’s a lot of white taffeta for her dress. I’m all for big girls…but that’s a BIG girl.

    I think the natural photobombs are the best. The ones where people are intentionally trying to screw with someone elses picture, those are just stupid. The baby, the panda & the little boy in the window…those are all cute. 😉

    • jeff in Australia

      Ditto. what LOL said

  • surrfboy

    true photo-bombs = funny
    shopped photo-bombs =lame

  • smitho

    i cannot get enough of this photobombing business. love it, nice work.

  • jordan

    double bombs ahoy!

  • jake

    yes! my 1st submitted photo to the chive made it on their website! its a good feeling

  • Dave

    Some of these are just horrible photoshops. They’re not even well blended.

  • Monk

    #13 is the worst shop i have seen in a while.

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