10 animated gifs to make your day

Be patient, this is a heavy page.

  • trogdor

    wat movie's the last gif from??

    • ClarkKent

      I think its from "Penelope", but not 100% sure.. I feel like I remember him having an eye patch in that one.

  • thisisascreenname

    #9 is amazing

    • Fish

      #9 is Mentally Retarded. And hilarious

  • me

    Finally, no more Fat Guy Captioning….

  • abuks808

    this just made my day

  • pepa

    the 10 is a portuguese soccer player

  • Anonymous

    11’s from Penelope

  • Regina

    AAAAHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the KITTY is the best cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!

    AAAHHH…i even had to record that clip on my cell phone to use it as a screen saver!!


  • doodle02

    every single time we get gifs i always spend at least 5 or 10 minutes laughing my ass off. these are fucking hilarious.

    • grossgreg

      I agree. The animated gifs are the funniest posts on The Chive. I always look forward to them.

  • colfubs

    haha i love the kitty =] and the dude on the stairs is skillz

  • modianos

    best set yet 🙂

  • Robi5150

    He has trouble seeing his dick! lol…..oh….wait, wrong post. Sorry.

  • jeff in Australia

    I think it’s the same cat in #8… getting it’s own back for #5
    Great set of smiles…!

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  • evil taco

    what, haven’t figured out how to watermark gifs yet so you can take credit for these, too?

  • Tofu_Ninja

    I love #5 how the cat just doesn't give a shit!

  • PanchoPanoch

    #3 find him
    (and beat his ass)

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