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    I think I just crapped my pants lol

  • garp

    …”you have the right to crap your pants”

  • Guypants McGillycutty

    Did you all catch that? He knows he rights apparently

  • Equalizer

    Thank God for Hillbillies!

  • meh

    i hate cops. all pieces of shit

    • Nateb123

      I hate people who irrationally blame civil servants for the fact that they’re complete morons. That’s got to be the nicest cop I’ve ever seen.

      • UrDumb

        Wrong. Cops are not “civil servants as you put it. They serve the city and state. They are not here to protect you. They are here to enforce laws. You need to educate yourself. Your protection is your responsibility. Cops are debt collectors.

      • UrDumb

        You made my point. The nicest cop you ever saw inflicted severe pain on a man for not getting off of a lawnmower. Wow

    • Ranger Danger

      Yea you say you hate cops, but I bet you love the hell out of them when you need them, don’t you?

      • UrDumb

        Why would you ever need a cop? Your saftey is your responsibility. I don’t need cops. I don’t need somone using brute force against me because I don’t want to ID myself. I am a free man but not in their eyes.

        • Yes

          You would need a cop if someone you know was killed or your car was stolen. Cops aren’t that useful for the little things but they are important to some degree in society.

  • SJ

    When he was screaming “GOD DAMMIT” near the end he sounded like Cartman from South Park o.O

  • Matt

    hillbillies make the world a funnier place!

  • http://www.themoshpit.net/20100414/1732/ Drunk hick on lawnmower + Taser = Hilarity : The Mosh Pit

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  • cowpoke

    STEVE!! Yur fixen to git lit up Steve! Ahhhh Gaaad Dang!!!!!! I thank I jus crapped ma paynts!

  • machewson

    first thought was of the waterboy anybody else?

  • isawoj

    I’ll say it if no one else will…fake as hell.

    • Joey

      Seemed pretty legit but im gonna go ahead and trust you cause you’ve seen some fake videos in your day..

      • isawoj

        The pixels just seem off. 🙂

  • Crystal


  • CMG

    Funny but looks pretty staged.

    btw, when did the dashboard cams start recording audio?

    • Hotdog Neck

      I don’t know when it started, but it’s been on cop shows and other outlets for YEARS. Audio + Video. Now that I think about it, I have never seen a dashboard cop video that did not have audio.

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  • ahhhh

    Que policia mas invecil …… que daño iba a causar el borracho ……. what a fuck police ….

  • glamisbound23

    that dude sound like Eric Cartman from South Park…lol with please step out of the lawn moyer.

  • Anonymous

    that is some funny shit , Red Necks , they are another race altogether

  • Greggo II

    Damnit Dale. He even sounds like D Gribble from King of the Hill, lol.

  • gary

    this was clearly a stunt, the audio was was to clear.

  • william clinton

    Cops are ass..les Nothing better to do than this Give me a F..kin break. Pigs!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • reecedawg1


  • 420ridebiker

    they shouldnt be able to do that shit.

  • bombs

    I love how there are always idiots who hate the police and are paranoid thinking they’re all out to get us. We’ve all had bad experiences with cops, but dumb shits like reecedawg1 continue to encourage biased, half witted stereotypes against other people who try to make a living. I say fuck simple minded prick assholes.

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