• drainbrain

    You've seen TONS of people die there? I'm surprised its still aloud to jump off that cliff.

    • Dave

      Yea, you’d think they’d keep it quiet or something.

      • bumble

        LOL Dave, your awesome

  • bowhuntpa


    • kronusg

      whatta Dummy! SPIL-LATT!! Drunken Facial!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    They let her do it, then go out to rescue her as if they didn’t know she would get hurt? Or didn’t want to get in trouble, more like.
    what a dumb broad.

    • Joshua

      Yeah, because you would have stopped her how?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Some of us, called, ‘responsible adults’, don’t hang out with people with foolish, dangerous proclivities.
        Being bigger, stronger men, they could have stopped her from climbing up there. I’m sure even you could have figured that one.

  • pat

    Thats gonna leave a mark!
    Lucky she didn’t smack her head open…

  • Alan

    Ha! Bet she was sore wen she woke up. Fuckin boozer

  • reecedawg1

    not a smart move…….

  • Matt

    what a moron. this is a lesson to you kids. don’t drink THAT much. go ahead and get drunk, but thats caused by excessive drinking. dumbass girl

  • Bojangles

    Saw someone die on 1000 ways to die doing the same thing except the water shot up their ass and their intestines exploded.

    • garp

      …I’m just going to have to ask you to go ahead and come in on Saturday and explain that bullshit.

    • u.lie.moron


  • FartFace

    yeah, i always jump off of cliffs into water without checking the depth first. who the heck has time to dabble with little details like that?!

  • joelinsanclemente

    Maybe if she’d slipped in a salad every now and then, she wouldn’t have hit the water so hard.

    • quebola

      @joelinsanclemente, LMAO

  • TomorrowByStorm

    I may be confused, but I don’t think she hit anything under the water. It looked to me like she just badly belly flopped and struck her face on the water in an unfortunate way.

  • big dog

    THAT WAS CRAZY AS HELL!!!!! She is lucky she didn’t get hurt more.

  • SD

    lol…this is in Copper Canyon at Lake Havasu, AZ…spent a couple of spring breaks out there, tons of people jump off this cliff all the time while extremely intoxicated and have made it just fine. I’ve jumped off it twice and had a blast, but man, I’ve seen some people get seriously hurt…the water depth is about 15 to 20 feet deep so don’t think she hit anything in the water…just knocked her self out.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thanks, the area is really pretty.

  • somedude

    this is copper canyon….been going there since i was 9…im now 32…seen many people die there….its 50+ feet deep in that canyon…shes lucky she floated. ive seen people sink like rocks and they have to get a dive crew to get them out.

  • anaition


  • Ken

    She started going feet first. Had she stayed that way she would have been fine. But it looks in the slow-mo like she fell asleep at the end and ended up flopping. She was so unsteady on the rock that I thought she might tumble off. That could have been in terms of skin retention.

  • mook

    What a dumb ass bitch

  • mo

    fucking attention whore, you got it.

  • bzzkill

    too bad she survived

  • sdrawkcabsihtdaer

    hehehe, women cant swim! who let her out of the kitchen?

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  • Kanoo

    KAA-LASH 🙂

  • its_BACON

    Some peoples purpose in life is simply to be a warning/ example for the for the rest of us. Thank you drunk girl, for showing us the way.

  • heywood jablowme

    I like it when people get hurt because of their own stupidity.

  • @LFGD1978

    In the past she would have being left there to die……….. and that's evolution for you boys and girls 😀

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