The level beyond douchebag, whatever that is (24 Photos)

  • Bently

    well put

    • CunningLinguist

      i think i have some kind of mental, muscular skeletal disorder. everytime i see these people, i get this strange feeling in my arm, and the next thing i know, im having this pain in the palm of my hands or knuckles, and some ones got a black eye.

  • Marlin

    thank you so much, Chive, for posting a photo of my classmate. If you’ll excuse me, I must go write on somebody’s facebook wall

  • krisb

    #7 – even the cat looks like a douche. Lot of sausage party pics. What a bunch of homos.

  • Kajl

    I believe the level beyond douchebag is douche nozzle!

    • snuggles


  • Bob

    In 14….are those….implants?

    • jaydub

      douchebag—>douche nozzle—->transgender….dude(?) step away from the roids and the bench press

      • Bob

        Soo…. if too much of a good thing is bad then what is too much of a bad thing? Like tanning, steroids, or hair jell?

    • bakespotatoes

      They match the ones in the butt.

    • Brad

      It's called Synthol — it's like an implant injection. Usually looks really stupid.

  • NTFW

    lololollllllllllll 21

  • Mastiff

    Yeah, at this level of doucheosity, even flamboyant gay devas are emabarrassed to be seen in the same room with them. Just tooo gay.

  • HardCore Mike

    What kind of person stacks their alcohol up in the middle of the room and then poses with it? Shitty low grade CRAP alcohol, to boot! LOL

    One can only hope that all these douchebags that I have seen on the Chive will one day come to the harsh realization that… well… they’re douchebags!!

  • Dude

    #3 You know you’d do the same thing.

  • reecedawg1

    is 17 an alien?

  • Carl

    # 2 is one of the best pictures ever

  • reecedawg1

    my falult is 14 an alien?

  • zipperz

    #15, I don’t know, the dude looks almost normal. Not sure about the Ewok on the right, though…

  • Me

    I’m not sure if number 2 really qualifies as a douchebag. I’m not sure what he is instead though, but he doesn’t seem to fit the douchebag mold.

  • jaynecobb

    #13 looks like she is going to eat the white girl

  • jaynecobb2

    What the hell is up with #5

    • flenin

      i think we can safely say ‘everything’

  • Battleangel

    #14 implants gone wrong.

  • inv8erzim

    If you are beyond a ‘douche bag’.. then your new moniker will be ‘TOOL BAG’. I submit this for CHIVER approval. Thanking you in advance…. muahahahaha!

  • KATE


  • SAK

    Colostomy bag.

  • Dingo

    i believe their douche bag levels are all over 9000

    • aluminum

      OVER 9000!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!one!!!!1!!!!! ! !!! ! !!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Goku FTW

  • peteyroberto

    that dude in 14 injected synthol in his traps and his chest…that is douchebaggery above all

  • Warped

    I think the guys in #10 are about to have a gay lovemaking session….. DoucheFags

    • Jethro

      I think the guy with the Hulk doll is trying to hide his face so no one finds out. "Hey I thought this would stay in Vegas! Oooops hee hee hee (pilsb**y dou**boy laugh)"

  • Equalizer

    last one is a certified douche…

  • ha

    sweet minor X in 19

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